Thursday, December 30, 2010

Outfit for an Outing

Tonight we all are going out for a movie and dinner. My husband's mom, grandmother, and sister along with the hubs and myself are going to try a local English pub in their downtown area and then to see Little Fockers. I love those movies and I hope this one is just as good if not better than the previous ones. Anyone seen it yet??

Here is my outfit for the night--

Jeans: Old Navy
Sweater: Ann Taylor
Boots: Steve Madden

Quick question-- these boots are suede and are starting to get a worn spot by the heel and at the top of the foot. Is there any way to fix this or make it look dark again, instead of worn? Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions?!

Have a great night guys!!

xo Mere

- Posted on location...a day in the life of me!


  1. If you haven't already I would water proof them and try to find a suede cleaner. It may brighten it back up. Only use a very little though. Hope this helps! Cute outfit by the way!

  2. Love the 'lil braid in your hair. I may have to steal the look! ;)

    <3, natasha



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