Friday, December 3, 2010

Cozy Outfit and a Few New Things...

Last night was my last night in Atlanta and while I love it here, I am eagerly waiting to return home. I leave again on Monday for out of town (major bummer) so I am ready to see my family!

My co-worker and I went to On the Border for dinner last night and I threw on something quick, warm, and cozy. The food there is so yummy---anyone that knows me well knows I have a major soft spot for good Mexican food (and I don't shy away from a yummy margarita either).

Leggings: Express
Tank: Target
Sweater: Victoria's Secret
Boots: Bearpaw

...and as promised, some pictures of the things I bought at H&M. I didn't really buy all that much, just a few things that I think (hope) I'll get some use out of.

This is a tank with a beaded and sequin bib attached. I thinking that this will work with a dressy pair of shorts.

Just a simple ruffle tee

A gray short sleeve crochet sweater/cardi

A brown long sweater/cardi

This dress is a nude blush color with a bow and black bead shoulder detail. My husband's Christmas party is tomorrow so I think I am going to wear this with black heels and accessories. 

So that's everything I got. Happy Friday!!! 

xoxo Mere


  1. Great finds!!
    I looooove that cozy outfit. I'm about to go do laundry and errands and am seriously wishing I had some cute leggings and a long sweater to throw on with my Uggs. So comfy and cute!!

  2. That dress is gorgeous! I love it on you!
    I too own that black ruffle tee and wear it to work a lot with a cardigan. Great finds Mere!

  3. Ooo, i love the dress at the end; great find!

  4. I loooove this cozy outfit!

  5. Your outfit does look cozy! ...and that dress looks great on you!

    <3, natasha



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