Monday, December 27, 2010

Come and Gone...

Today is such a bummer of a day. Christmas is over---completely over. Everyone is back to work and all of the fun exciting festivities are over. (much to my husband's dismay, I am not back to work yet, but most people are if you know what I mean).

Our Christmas was wonderful. We started out Christmas Eve by going to an evening candlelight service with my mom, my brothers and sister, and all of the significant others & children. Here is the whole crew at church and some other pics from the night--
From right to left:
my older brother, my hubs, my younger brother, my mom with the new niece, my sis-in-law with my nephew, me, my older niece, my sister and her bf.

It's really great because we really do all get along and its fun when we are all together. After church, we went to my mom's for dinner and gift exchange. My sister bought my niece the cutest outfit in the world. It's a snow angel outfit with a pink tutu and a pink Santa hat! 
my sister and Alaina

me and my sister

I made the croissant and they rose perfectly and baked just like they are supposed to but one thing---I forgot to add the salt to the dough so they were pretty bland :-( At least the chocolate and nutella ones were yummy!

I got some great gifts. My mom knitted me this scarf and hat--it fits perfect and I think it is so cute. She did a great job. 

She also indulged in my spoil-ness and got me the Lulu Lemon running hoodie I wanted. I am so excited to run in the cold and try it out. Hard to tell in the pic what it looks like but it fits great.

Christmas day we went to my father in law's and exchanged gifts then Christmas night we hung out with my dad's side of the family. My dad has 2-3 acres of land kind of in the woods so we went out there and had a bonfire and ate chili. It wasn't too cold and the fire made it just right.

Overall my Christmas was great. I got a tripod and remote from the hubs so my outfit pics should be improving immensely. I also got some earrings, other running items, some makeup and some new lounge pants. 

I have this pair of pants I bought befor our honeymoon in 2006. I got them at some crazy Aeropostle sale for like $5. I have worn them to death. They fit all saggy and droopy and sadly even have a hole starting to grow in the rear. My hubs has been begging me to stop wearing them (and as someone that loves fashion, I should throw them away). The hubs was so determined for me to stop wearing them, he got me a replacement pair from Victoria's Secret. They fit great and are really soft. I don't know if I am going to throw the first pair away just yet, I may save them for sentimental reasons ;-) Have you ever wore or held on to something that was definitely unflattering just for the sake of having it? I think that's what may happen here.

I think I am just going to hang around today, maybe go visit my mom as she has the day off today. We are leaving Wednesday to head to Virginia to visit my mother-in-law for the New Year's weekend. I'll definitely be needing that hat and scarf then! Have a great week---it is at least a short week for most.

xo Mere


  1. Your family looks so fun and happy! And your neice is adorable. Merry Christmas Mere!

  2. Thanks Noelle! Merry Christmas to you too!



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