Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Revised Christmas List

Ok so totally my bad for the lame Christmas List lol! Hopefully this list is more of ideas that I would like to have and some ideas for all of you out there! Here we go!

First gift that I think everyone should on their list is this HUGE bottle of Urban Decay Primer Potion. I love this idea because (1) it's not that stupid, ineffective hourglass shape and (2) I really think it would last forever.

After the last few years, I have finally accumulated my own makeup brush set but if I did not have my own set, I think this set is a great deal. It has ever brush you could need and while it is expensive, I think these brushes are good quality. I have had some of my Sephora brushes for 2-3 years and no breakage or fallout.
For me personally I love this line from Sephora and could use any of these that I don't already have.

This NARS set has some great products and I think the colors are different from anything I have. I think the nail polish is a great color and this blush duo seems so fresh. This is the NARS Midsummers Night Set.

I heard about these lip colors from Tiffany at I am Style-ish and I love the colors. These are the NARS Matte Lipcolor and honestly I think I would be happy with any color. Tiffany was wearing Bangkok in the video and that seemed like a great neutral color but looking online Tashkent also looks like a great nude color. The darker colors Volga and Zambeze also look great so honestly, anyone shopping for me can get me any color of this lipstick.

My next gift idea is really because my current one is almost busted---it's a new iPod. I keep this in my car and use it with my car stereo and I have one from like 2005 that still works but the middle button sticks and it freezes periodically so I think a new ones is almost in order so why not add it to the list!

I was browsing Piperlime as I typically do and I came across this purse that I think is just so cute---it has the girly type details I love and the wine color is a little different for me. Love this one by Kenneth Cole.

I have been searching for a Bow Ring that is not too plastic or tacky but yet still a statement and I think I found it. This one by Kate Spade is adorable!
I have loved the Friends' series FOREVER! I have all of the DVD's but they have been watched over and over many times. I have lost some, my dog has chewed the discs on others. This Christmas I would like the complete pretty box set for the Friends DVDs. I have seen them all hundreds of times, I can quote almost every line, and yes I know exactly what the episode is about just from reading the title but I want this. I want to watch these DVDs when I'm old and grey. 
I have a confession---I hate flossing. It's painful and uncomfortable so to be honest, I don't floss near as much as I should. I lie to my dentist and try to get by with less flossing but I think I may have found a soluation---the WaterPik. My dental hygienist recommended and I'd like to give it a whirl. Have any of you tried this??

Ok so last thing I am adding to my attempt at a non-lame Christmas list are these Urban Decay eyeshadows. I love these colors and they need to be in my palette.

I realize they are a little close in color but I think they would be perfect together.

I think that's all I have other than the items I previously posted. Hope this gives you some ideas for your list while also giving my husband and mom ideas for me.

xo Mere

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