Monday, November 29, 2010

Outfit! Back to work...

Back to reality---I always hate the reality check after a long weekend. I think I saw five Facebook posts yesterday asking to go back to Wednesday night so I know I am not alone. This weekend was perfect--I had a really great time.

I have something going on that I can't quite share yet but I ask you all say a little prayer for me and send some good thoughts and wishes my way. 

I wore my suit that I bought on Black Friday today. This was my first Express suit but I really like it and it was super comfortable. 

Top: Banana Republic
Skirt: Express, buy it here
Necklace: Kohl's (it's the bestie's)
Shoes: Antonio Melani (these shoes are on their last leg. They are totally falling apart but I have been wearing them on a regular basis for a few years so I can't really complain)

I am heading to Atlanta tomorrow and from what I have seen online, it's COLD there. The weather here lately has been high's in the low 80's so I have not been in the cold weather mindset for a while. I have to pack tonight and make sure I grab all of my tights and boots! 

The best thing about Atlanta---H&M. I'll definitely be stopping by there to see what treasures I can find. Hope you all have had a good Monday! 

xo Mere


  1. That necklace is so cute!

    I'm sending happy thoughts your way - I hope that whatever it is works out! :)

  2. I know what you mean Mere...Sundays are a total bummer because reality is right around the corner :). Oh well, Friday will be here sooner or later! Have a fabulous work week.

    <3, natasha

  3. Rainy tomorrow :-(....but Wednesday will be clear, but chilly. Glad you weren't here today...cold and rainy!

  4. Love the necklace!

    I just posted my New Years Eve dress - I'd love your opinion on what color shoes to wear when you have time to look at it. : ]




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