Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Christmas far

About this time of year, I always get asked for my list of wants for the upcoming Holiday. Christmas lists are so hard to come up with on the spot when someone throws the question out at you. I hate this question. I can never think of anything and then two weeks later I finally think of that ever elusive thought of what I wanted---and really the people that know me know that I always want something lol. 

This year, I have started keeping a list on my phone and I thought the perfect way for my family to see what is on it was to do a post---plus you all could get ideas from what I think would be good gifts.

So ladies and gents--my Christmas List!

Fitness Items:

Experia Thorlo Running Socks (best socks ever!)

Gift Cards to:

Sephora Brand Body Butter (seriously in love)

An entertainment center. I am not set on any one piece. I'd like something this shape in a dark wood with enough cubbies to store all of our pieces of equipment and that the height of the TV would work with our furniture. This one is from Target.

Love both pieces in this wine rack from Pottery Barn

Digital SLR Remote and Tripod for cool blog pics
Michael Kors Purse from the Outlet Mall 
Massage or Facial

What are some items you all are wanting for Christmas---this list can always be edited ;-)

Happy Friday Friends!! 

xo Mere


  1. The Road ID is such a great idea!

    I posted something similar yesterday, a wish list and the slight angst that accompanies being asked to create one! I have such a hard time asking for, and receiving, gifts ... I'd rather buy gifts for others and then just shop for myself!

    Happy Friday! :)

  2. I got a Road ID last year for Xmas. Definitely a good investment. Same with the firefly lights if you do any running when it's dark out.



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