Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Revised Christmas List

Ok so totally my bad for the lame Christmas List lol! Hopefully this list is more of ideas that I would like to have and some ideas for all of you out there! Here we go!

First gift that I think everyone should on their list is this HUGE bottle of Urban Decay Primer Potion. I love this idea because (1) it's not that stupid, ineffective hourglass shape and (2) I really think it would last forever.

After the last few years, I have finally accumulated my own makeup brush set but if I did not have my own set, I think this set is a great deal. It has ever brush you could need and while it is expensive, I think these brushes are good quality. I have had some of my Sephora brushes for 2-3 years and no breakage or fallout.
For me personally I love this line from Sephora and could use any of these that I don't already have.

This NARS set has some great products and I think the colors are different from anything I have. I think the nail polish is a great color and this blush duo seems so fresh. This is the NARS Midsummers Night Set.

I heard about these lip colors from Tiffany at I am Style-ish and I love the colors. These are the NARS Matte Lipcolor and honestly I think I would be happy with any color. Tiffany was wearing Bangkok in the video and that seemed like a great neutral color but looking online Tashkent also looks like a great nude color. The darker colors Volga and Zambeze also look great so honestly, anyone shopping for me can get me any color of this lipstick.

My next gift idea is really because my current one is almost busted---it's a new iPod. I keep this in my car and use it with my car stereo and I have one from like 2005 that still works but the middle button sticks and it freezes periodically so I think a new ones is almost in order so why not add it to the list!

I was browsing Piperlime as I typically do and I came across this purse that I think is just so cute---it has the girly type details I love and the wine color is a little different for me. Love this one by Kenneth Cole.

I have been searching for a Bow Ring that is not too plastic or tacky but yet still a statement and I think I found it. This one by Kate Spade is adorable!
I have loved the Friends' series FOREVER! I have all of the DVD's but they have been watched over and over many times. I have lost some, my dog has chewed the discs on others. This Christmas I would like the complete pretty box set for the Friends DVDs. I have seen them all hundreds of times, I can quote almost every line, and yes I know exactly what the episode is about just from reading the title but I want this. I want to watch these DVDs when I'm old and grey. 
I have a confession---I hate flossing. It's painful and uncomfortable so to be honest, I don't floss near as much as I should. I lie to my dentist and try to get by with less flossing but I think I may have found a soluation---the WaterPik. My dental hygienist recommended and I'd like to give it a whirl. Have any of you tried this??

Ok so last thing I am adding to my attempt at a non-lame Christmas list are these Urban Decay eyeshadows. I love these colors and they need to be in my palette.

I realize they are a little close in color but I think they would be perfect together.

I think that's all I have other than the items I previously posted. Hope this gives you some ideas for your list while also giving my husband and mom ideas for me.

xo Mere

Monday, November 29, 2010

Outfit! Back to work...

Back to reality---I always hate the reality check after a long weekend. I think I saw five Facebook posts yesterday asking to go back to Wednesday night so I know I am not alone. This weekend was perfect--I had a really great time.

I have something going on that I can't quite share yet but I ask you all say a little prayer for me and send some good thoughts and wishes my way. 

I wore my suit that I bought on Black Friday today. This was my first Express suit but I really like it and it was super comfortable. 

Top: Banana Republic
Skirt: Express, buy it here
Necklace: Kohl's (it's the bestie's)
Shoes: Antonio Melani (these shoes are on their last leg. They are totally falling apart but I have been wearing them on a regular basis for a few years so I can't really complain)

I am heading to Atlanta tomorrow and from what I have seen online, it's COLD there. The weather here lately has been high's in the low 80's so I have not been in the cold weather mindset for a while. I have to pack tonight and make sure I grab all of my tights and boots! 

The best thing about Atlanta---H&M. I'll definitely be stopping by there to see what treasures I can find. Hope you all have had a good Monday! 

xo Mere

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday!

Happy Black Friday all! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and I also hope all of your shopping dreams came true today. I initially had no plans of shopping today. I am never prepared with my Christmas Shopping list and therefore when I shop on Black Friday, I end up only buying for myself---today was no exception.

My plans for the day were the movies with my sister, we were going to see Love & Other Drugs with Jake Gyllenhall and Anne Hathaway.

I woke up earlier than expected and I knew my sister was sleeping so at about 10:00a or so, I decided to head to the mall "just to see". I was only there an hour or so but here are my goodies that I found.

I don't have a grey suit and Express had everything 40% off so I got a grey skirt suit. Nothing overly exciting but necessary.

I was walking through Macy's and these bad boys from Guess caught my eye. I couldn't find them on Macy's website but I did find them on Endless.com

I love towering heels but sometimes I hesitate wearing them since I don't always love towering over people. These are going to be perfect for those nights out when I just want to dress it up a tad. The side material is a see through sheer fabric but it's hard to tell in the picture.

Every year I always but a set of MAC Lipglasses from the Holiday sets, they usually last me through the year. This year I got the neutral/bronze set. The set includes Bright & Perky, Spirits a' Flying, Stealing Kisses, Girls at Play, and Scottish Litt.

I also picked up a lip liner to go with the dark lip color I got from the Villians Collection. It's really hard for me to wear darker colors without liner. I got Currant Lip Liner.

I also stopped by Ulta to grab some polish from the OPI Burlesque line and the Essie Winter Collection. I ended up getting a couple other items too.

Essie color in Luxedo, it's a dark purple

Essie in Smokin' Hot, it's a matte gray

OPI in Teasey Does It. This color is a purple with some brown iridescence in it.

I tried to get the colors in this pic but it didn't work out that well.

This clear coat is the best. It dries almost instantly and keep the polish longer than other clear coats I have tried. I am almost out so I grabbed some of that.

This eos lip gloss' packaging attracted me so I picked up one in Lemon. It's super smooth and I love the packaging and the shape.

After all of the shopping, we finally got to see the movie. It was a pretty good movie although slow at times. I also couldn't believe how naked Anne Hathaway is in it. I have never seen her...well...so nude.

I love that it's only Friday and I have two whole more days! I am hoping to get my run in tomorrow so I can get it over with. Only three weeks until my Half Marathon and I am starting to doubt myself. Tomorrow's run is supposed to be 9 miles---yikes!

Have a great Saturday!

xo Mere

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Busy Day -- Outfit, Baking, and Dinner with Fam!

I'm officially on my four-day weekend! Yipee! I love long weekends.

The client that I was at closed today at 2:00 so I got an early day. Here is my outfit from work:

Dress: Mossimo from Target
Belt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Banana Republic

After work, I was perusing through cookbooks looking for a dessert to make for tomorrow. I found a recipe for Streusel Apple Cranberry Pie and while I haven't sliced into it yet, the apples were delicious before getting cooked into the pie and they smelled great while cooking.
The recipe is for one deep dish pie but I don't have a deep dish pie pan so I doubled the struesel and made two pies.

Streusel Apple Cranberry Pie

Streusel Topping:
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
3 tablespoons of butter
1/2 cup coarsely chopped walnuts

Crust & Filling:
1/2 package refrigerated pie crust (1 crust)
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup dried cranberries
2 tsp orange zest
7-8 red baking apples, such as Jonathan (2/5 lbs)

1. Preheat the over to 350*. For streusel topping, combine flour and brown sugar in a small bowl. Cut in butter using a pastry blender until mixture is crumbly. Stir in walnuts and set aside.

2. For the crust, let pie crust sit at room temperature for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, combine sugar, flour, cinnamon, and salt in a separate mixing bowl. Add cranberries and orange zest, mix well.

3. Core and slice apples. Add to sugar mixture until evenly coated.

4. Gently unfold crust and place in pie plate, forming loose ruffle around the edges. Spoon apple mixture into crust. Sprinkle crumble mixture evenly on top. To prevent the edges from burning, cover pie crust edges with 2-3" strips of foil. 

5. Bake 50-55 minutes or until apples are tender and streusel is golden brown. Cool for 2 hours. Serve and enjoy!

Lastly, my sister and her boyfriend invited us to dinner at Bonefish tonight, which is one of my fave places. Here is my outfit from tonight.

Jeans: Old Navy
Top: Express
Belt: The Limited
Flats: Steve Madden

Me and my sister!!

I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you are surrounded by those you love, whether it be friends or family. I am extremely thankful for all of you readers. I really and truly enjoy having this outlet to share my thoughts and ideas. Happy Thanksgiving!

xo Mere

Outfits: Catching up...

I opened my camera and noticed I didn't post an outfit from this weekend and I have my outfit from yesterday so here I am playing catch up.

Saturday night, we were in Miami for the Muddy Buddy. We stayed downtown and the view from our room was so pretty. We lived in Miami for a few years about 3 years ago and I love it there (I'd go back in a heartbeat if there were jobs and if hubs was in). I was excited to see my city. We got the chance to hang out with one of my good friends that lives there too. It was a nice, quick night.
before heading out to dinner--love the view!

JeansL Old Navy
Tank: Anthropologie
Cardi: Express
Flats: Steve Madden

hubs "photo bombing" my pic

at night!

Overall an awesome night, especially since my friend that we were hanging out with is moving to Qatar, a country about an hour flight from Dubai. Her husband is a pilot and he got a job over there! It's crazy but I can't wait to see her over there (def an excuse to go visit :-)

Outfit from yesterday:

I wore this dress a couple of week ago but I love it and had to wear it again. I have had this belt for a while but have not had the chance to wear it--I really like the way it looks here.

using the tripod actually worked last night!
Dress: Banana Republic
Belt: Limited
Shoes: Banana Republic
Cardi: Express

Ok I'm off to work. Today is a short day and my Friday! Yipee!!

xo Mere


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