Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shopping updates...

So I guess all of the celebrating from my Blog's Birthday tired me out because I have been totally slacking all week. I have been driving two hundred miles each day this week so that coupled with my half marathon training left me completely exhausted. Good news is that I got a couple packages delivered this week from a little online shopping...

Firstly, I finally found a great pair of booties. I have been looking for a while but most of the ones I found just didn't do it for me. I found these at Macys...

Then while doing my typical lunch time searching (i.e. ShopStyle, Shop it to me, ideeli, Rue la la, etc.) I came across the Betsey Johnson shoes I posted about here for only $69! I wanted to order the purple but I already have one pair of purple satin shoes, and really---how many purple shoes does one need.

I got these tops from Express for super cheap. I usually am not one to buy multiple colors of one item but these shirts are super comfy!

...lastly. I have been loving the shorts with tights trend so I have been perusing the sites for some cute dressy shorts. I found these at Express. These are a little shorter than I would normally wear as far as shorts go but I figure it will be okay since I'll be wearing tights. The belt is a removable grosgrain ribbon which I love and the short has a silver shimmer weaved in. I highly recommend these!

These, these, and these are also some cute ones from Express that I may consider buying if I get a coupon!
Now only if the weather will crack. The humidity has dropped a bit and we are having low 90's high 80's on average as highs. Hopefully within the next two weeks I'll be sleeping with the sliders open and breeze blowing in.

On a separate note, my sister in law is due to have the baby any minute. I cannot wait!!! I hope she has it this weekend so I'll be off of work :-)

Happy Saturday all. I am off to look for Fall decorations for my home!

xo Mere


  1. Cute boots, but a request? Please no automatic music that starts up and scares me when I open your page! or at least put the player at the top so i dont have to frantically search for it while its blasting... :(

  2. Both pairs of shoes are super cute AND love those shorts.

  3. @Justine---Thanks for reminding me. I have been meaning to get rid of that for a while. Consider it done :-)

    @Lilly--Thanks! They are comfy too---bonus!!

  4. Love those shoes! Both pair! Those black satin heels are so darling. Can't wait to see the shorts with tights combo, I'm too scerrred to rock that so I will live vicariously through you :)

  5. Wow! Love the two shoes. The booties are too cute...and you can never go wrong with peep toes :) The side bow on the Betsy Johnson's are just adorable! What great finds.

    <3, natasha

  6. @Andi-- Thanks so much. I haven't tried the tights and shorts thing on me yet but I love it on others so we shall see. I'll def keep you posted ;-)

    @Natasha-- Thanks. I agree about the bow, def the selling point for me.

  7. Those booties are awesome!!

    Also the shorts you bought are super cute, I love the big bow.

    Did the baby arrive?

  8. @emily--Thanks! No baby yet! :-(

  9. *Gasp!* Those booties are amazing! Not to mention the Express shorts! I need to scope those out for myself! Thanks for sharing
    ♥ Noelle

  10. @Noelle--thanks! Express has some great coupon out there so make sure to grab some before you go :-)

  11. I love the booties so much but you already know that :) And the satin shoes are adorable.

    And how funny...I bought two of that express shirt too (red and gray). Wish I would've gotten the one with the bling. I can't wait to see the shorts with tights :)



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