Friday, October 29, 2010

Outfit: Quirky and Casual...

I bought these Converse a couple of weeks ago and while they may not be such "my style". I really love them. I went to my brother and sister in law's tonight. I ran home from work and threw something comfy on and I really love how this looks together. I think the quirk of the Converse with shorts and stripes is a little different. I did find out however that my eleven year old niece has the same shoes---she must have great taste lol.

Shorts: Express
Top: Express
Shoes: Converse

Pumpkin update--still haven't carved it! Hopefully tomorrow lol. I'm running out of time. 

xo Mere


  1. I love that you're rocking the Converse--so cute!

  2. I have a request. Next time your in Tampa can you come play in my HUGE closet and put together some outfits for me? That would be faaabulous because I love your sense of style and I'd love some perspective on my wardrobe. : ]

  3. @Mary Ann and Andi--thanks! I am loving the Converse too!

    @Becca--absolutely! I'd love to :-)



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