Saturday, October 9, 2010

Outfit for an afternoon with BFF!

For the first of my three days off, I called up the bestie to see if she wanted to see 'Life as we know it' with me. The movie was really cute, predictable for a romantic comedy but I think that's why we girls always love watching. Before the movie we had lunch at this little French bakery, I had a croque madam and took a chocolate croissant to go for a mid-movie snack. I'm such a sucker for French food. Maybe one day I'll live over there and get to eat it all of the time.

On to the outfit. I got this shirt at Anthro and I am not sure if it is flattering. I tried belting it but with the layers, the belt gets hidden and pretty much defeats the purpose. I think when it's cooler I will be able to put a cardigan over it and then the belt will work. Overall, not too bad but I think this top has the potential to cause people to ask when I'm due lol.
Jeans: Old Navy
Top: Anthropologie
Flats: Steve Madden 

Having my hair shorter let me throw it into a high ponytail/bun type thing for quick on the go hairstyles. This is easy and looks pretty cute.
Loving OPI Ski Teal We Drop 

Tomorrow is my first 5 mile run, wish me luck! xo Mere


  1. Okay...where do I start? I'm loving the anthro tank, and thoes flats are too adorable! I'm gonna see that movie tomorrow with my BFF! :)

    <3, natasha

  2. that top is very cute and i also love the nail color a lot!

  3. I love the top, very cute.
    The OPI Ski Teal We Drop is such a pretty color I had to include it in my giveaway. Great color for Fall.

  4. Thanks everyone! I guess the top is a keeper :-)



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