Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dead Serious...

I have expressed to you all that I love dressing up, whether it be for a nice night out or in costume, doesn't matter. Last night was the latter. Last night was Zombicon and my friends, hubs, and I all dressed as the walking dead.

This years theme at Zombicon was Pirates so we all donned our pirate gear and headed out for the night. The bestie and I even got white contacts to take it to the next level. My husband refused to look at me with the contacts in. It was so fun making eye contact with everyone all night and getting tons of comments and double takes. Here are some pictures from the night...

Two besties and me before leaving
In the elevator on the way out
Me and the bestie with the crazy eyes
This was a real person dressed up---crazy right!
Me, bestie, and hubs!
These two had pretty awesome costumes too!
The crew
Me and the hubs

So there you have it---crazy Zombie pics. Do any of you have any exciting Halloween plans? I love this time of year, it's like the kick-off to the Holidays! Love it!

I am feeling pretty good today but kind of tired since we didn't get home and settled in until 4:00 this morning. I am scheduled to do a 6 mile run today but not sure if I am going to make it. I might postpone it until tomorrow. Let's see if I can get a nap in this afternoon and maybe I'll be able to make it. 

Happy Sunday all!

xo Mere


  1. Great face makeup! You guys looked great, er um, scary ;)

  2. OMG those contacts are scary!

  3. @Beauty and Lindsay--thanks! Scary was the goal so I guess I got it right lol.

  4. You look scary and freaky, which was your goal! Awesome!

  5. You have made me a lover of halloween :)
    Zombicon was awesome. I wish I could wear those contacts everyday!



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