Sunday, September 12, 2010

Velcro Rollers...

Yesterday before heading to Tampa I decided to give velcro rollers a try. I have had these for a while but I have not yet tried them. After watching a few YouTube videos and reading some blogs I went at it. The velcro rollers I used are from Hot Tools purchased at Ulta and even though velcro are made to stick in your hair without clips, I used some clips I also got from Ulta to hold them in better.

Here is the look of all of the rollers in...

I used the largest ones on top with the goal of more volume.

And the finished product...

Overall I was very happy with the results even though I feel the pictures don't do it justice. I left them in long enough to do my makeup and iron my clothes so prob 20 minutes or so. My only complaint is that most of the volume fell within an hour or so in this humidity. I didn't put any products in my hair for this and it was freshly washed so that could be a culprit. Are there any products you recommend to keep the volume?? Any recommendations are welcome. 

Do any of you have any velcro roller tips to share?? 

I leave Monday for Atlanta for a work trip and while I really love Atlanta, I am a little bummed. We usually work in teams of two and my co-worker quit last week and since the economy is so crappy, we aren't hiring a replacement so I am actually travelling for a week to Atlanta alone. I love alone time but it still stinks to travel and work all alone for five days straight.

The following week I am out of town again to Vero for a client and then when I return, the hubs has a business trip to Dallas---to say the least, I am going to be missing him for sure by the end of the month! Happy Sunday---let's all hope it's a long one.

For all of you True Blood fans, don't forget the season finale is tonight!!!

xo Mere


  1. I looooooooove velcro rollers - I used them almost every day before my hair got too curly. I would put in some mousse when my hair was wet - and then while it was in the rollers I would put a plastic grocery bag on my head and stick my hairdryer in there for about 30 seconds... sounds kind of crazy but it works! Then I would use a lot of hairspray and it worked great!

  2. I know what you mean Mere. I hate traveling solo for work...I always reasearch some spots prior to traveling that I can visit (i.e. malls, haha), so the days go by quicker.

    Wow, the velcros really added volume.

    Natasha xoxo



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