Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vacay Pics From the Keys! {picture heavy}

The hubs and I decided rather last minute to enjoy our extra long Labor Day weekend in the Keys. We were joined by some family and my bestie and it was the perfect time. There was boating, fishing, snorkeling, searching for lobster, eating, and resting.

For those that are not aware, I thought I would explain the process of catching lobster. Lobsters typically hide under rocks so firstly you have to find the spots with the lobsters. This entails being pulled by the boat by holding on to ski ropes with snorkel gear on. The hubs and his dad did this first and then me and the hubs did it. Pretty cool to see all of the sights under the water. Then once you find a hole, you have a net and a "tickle stick". You hold the net in front of the rock and tickle the lobster into the net and Score! you have a lobster. Since we aren't huge lobster fans, we just caught enough for all of us to eat for one night. They were good for lobster but I'd much prefer fish or other shellfish.

Here are some pics from the weekend...
Me and H on the Alley after work heading South. The hubs and family left earlier that day but since we worked all day, we didn't get down until later.

Fitzgerald got to go on his first vacation too!

Boat ride to our first stop---Sombrero Reef!
Bestie H

Our first stop was Sombrero Reef---this reef is simply the best place I have ever snorkeled (including places in Mexico, Jamacia, and the Cayman Islands). There are tons and tons of reefs (is reefs a word or is it just reef?!?) and fish everywhere. The fish were so accustomed to snorkelers and divers that they would come so close. Some even bumped into my mask. It was crazy! I really wish I had an underwater camera but we came on here on a whim and were not fully prepared.

Me driving the boat while hubs and his dad look for lobster

Yay we got one---
Hubs is never normal in pictures---just a little FYI

By this time we were all totally exhausted but I insisted we go to Key West for dinner. I soon realized afterwards that no one was really up to it and we were all falling asleep on the way home. Here is us at dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.

I even remembered an outfit post for you guys---
Top: Anthropologie
Shorts: JCrew, seen here
Sandals: G by Guess

Sunset on our drive to Key West

Our little efficiency had sliding glass doors that opened onto the dock and this was our view in the morning

The next day we did some lobster hunting and fishing.
the view---breathtaking

getting ready to go in

I had no idea I looked like a frog while snorkeling. The tide was very fast so I actually didn't have to swim at all, I just got carried along.

Me and the hubs

On the last day, we decided to see how Fitz would do on the boat. He did great!
So I guess the pics with the dog are hubs-smile worthy lol

Lastly, here was the view the morning we left.
Goodbye Keys---until we meet again!

xo Mere


  1. Thanks for sharing your pics! I've always wanted to go to the Keys - you guys look like you all had a blast!

    About the lobster - I love love eating them and they are so tasty good, but I am also squeamish about the process of cooking them! I actually hadn't eaten lobster in over 10 years because of the squeam factor ... but they are so yummy yummy ...

  2. looks like ya'll had a great time :) thanks for sharing! you are so tan, I'm jealous!

  3. @Lisa--we only cooked the tails so I imagine they weren't cooked alive if that makes it any better??!! Thanks! You should def go to the Keys sometimes---it's truly "island life" down there.

    @Veronika--Thanks! I get color super fast but it leaves super fast too. Don't worry, I'll be back in the pale category soon ;-)

  4. Wow. I would love to go there someday! That looks fantastic.


  5. Looks heavenly! I will make it there sooner or later... Great pics! Love your outifit in the palm tree pic...I want your legs! :)

  6. Can we please go back to the keys! It was an awesome mini vacay. I'm so glad I went. And fitz looks so cute on the boat!



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