Saturday, September 11, 2010

Simply Amazing!!!

I am back from Tampa and all I have to say is AMAZING! John Mayer was simply perfect. That was the best concert I have ever been to--it was even better than the time I saw him in 2007 in Atlanta. I loved it and i like him even more now, if that is even possible.

 I ended up wearing the white shorts and a top I bought in Tampa before the concert. I was totally sold on the first outfit until this lace top was screaming my name at Express. I didn't even think I was so in love with lace---but it turns out I am lol. I wanted to say thanks so so much for all of the feedback. I love seeing what things you guys think looks best (even though I wore a top I bought I really really love your opinions--promise!!). All of your opinions were different yet definitely showed me what things look good and maybe not so good.

Before the concert we went to the Fit2Run store in Tampa and I got fitted for running shoes. They had me stand on this mat that sensed where most of the pressure on your feet is and it showed that I put all of my weight on my heels and I have really high arches. Then they put you in shoes that best meet those needs and have you run on a treadmill while they record your run. It was a really cool experience and I got running shoes that hopefully will be perfect (and therefore I will stop losing toenails to bruising).

Here are some outfit pics of what I wore and some of the concert---

Excuse the shine---it was 90* and super humid
Owl City opened for John Mayer

I know his last concert for this tour is tonight in West Palm Beach but the next time he is on tour, I'd definitely recommend. It was an excellent concert and after seeing him so real and down to earth, I am such a fan.

Have a great weekend!!!!

xo Mere


  1. I'm glad you had fun and I LOVE the lace top!!

  2. Looks like fun, i would like to see him in concert!

  3. Lucky you! A friend of mine was there as well, and has been talking about it ALL day :). That lace top is adorable...maybe I should stop by Express this weekend?! ;)

    xoxo, natasha



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