Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Give-a-way Winner!

I'm a little late but I finally drew the winner for my giveaway contest!! The winner is...

Natasha from Twenty-Something!

Natasha---please email me your mailing address and your Express Gift Card will be there shortly! Thanks everyone for entering to celebrate my blog's one year mark! Without you guys, there would be no blog or a reason to blog. Thanks!!!

I promise to be back with outfit posts soon. I'm caught between wanting to dress for Fall and the weather still being 95* so I am not so excited about my recent wearings. I have purchased some great things so a Haul is definitely due. Happy Tuesday!

xo Mere

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Loving the weekend and an Outfit!

Can I just say I am loving the fact that it is the weekend. I think being out of town for two week and being sick has made me really appreciate being home and off these two days. I'm a little bummed because now that I am finally in town this week, the hubs is leaving tomorrow for Dallas for a few days for work. After this though, we should be pretty good for a month or so. (Hopefully).

So while I was roaming the CVS the other day, I decided to pick up Maybelline's EyeStudio Gel Liner in Eggplant. When this first came out, I really wanted to try it but this color was never available so I decided to grab it. I am so glad I did. I have worn it the last two night and I really like it. It goes on super smooth and stays. I do put a light dusting of powder over it to set it too.

Here is the look from last night:

The eyeshadow used is from the Tarte Eye Couture Palette (which I love and recommend, I got mine @ Ulta).
I used the middle grey color in the crease, the lilac next to the gray on the lid and the peachy/pink color as a highlight.

Here is the look I wore tonight. 

For this look I used some of the Tarte colors above and some of the colors from the Lorac Private Affair palette I mentioned here.

Jeans: Old Navy
Top: Banana Republic
Sandals: Steve Madden
Bracelet: Express

Don't forget to enter my birthday giveaway! I'm going to draw a name Monday night!!!

Have a great weekend all! xoxo


Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Little Blog!

I can't believe it, today is the one year anniversary of my blog. This year has flown by. About a year ago I started this blog and at that time, I had no idea how much I would love this. I love having an outlet for my thoughts, no matter how insignificant. I love the response I get from you readers on things from outfits to opinions on TV Shows. I love having bloggy friends (some I like more than real life friends lol). This blog has been awesome and has opened me to so much in this short little year. As a way to celebrate, I thought I'd post some really cute party dresses I have found.

And then to celebrate this birthday/anniversary of my blog, I am having a giveaway! One lucky reader will get a $30 Gift Card to one of the following:

Rules for the give away! You must be a follower and leave a comment telling me which place you would like a gift card for and what you would love to get with it. If you want an extra entry, blog about this and leave me a link! Good luck! I wish everyone could win! Enter Enter Enter!!

xo Mere

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goodbye Summer, Hello FALL!

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall and yes I am ready and excited for Fall to be here but I thought it only fair to say a proper goodbye to Summer!

This summer was the most unusual summer I have ever had. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have school or exams to focus on—it was just me and my plans. It was really a great time. Even though I had a great summer, I am glad to see it go but I wanted to pay homage to Summer 2010.

This summer started out with my Graduation from the Masters In Accounting Program… 

...and I don't think I could have been able to pack without you totally awesome readers!

I learned how to make Croissants which have since become a weakness of mine… 

I had two successful sewing projects, a skirt and a dress, that actually get worn…and don’t fall apart… 

I ran a 5k for the first and second time during this summer… 

I had some awesome times on the boat with hubs

I started wearing contacts and I love them…and got new non-prescription sunglasses to celebrate… 

I got an awesome hair cut that I love from a great friend… 

And last but not least, I finished off the summer with a nice, relaxing vacation to the Keys

Summer, you were great to me and I just wanted to say---it’s been real, it’s been fun! With that said, 

Welcome Fall! Time for...

xo Mere

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Shenanigans...

Holy Wow. I cannot express the exhaustion I feel. I am in Vero Beach and after this weekend, I cannot wait to get to bed--thankfully my hotel is so cute, clean, and comfy!

Weekend Recap:

I flew in about 6:30 Friday night and the hubs picked me up. We went straight home and started getting ready for the shower right away. Hubs did the floors and helped me rearrange the furniture to allow for more chairs. Then I cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen and made the little M&M favors for the shower. Grabbed a bite to eat around 9:00 and crashed. I think my mind was racing about my to-do list because I was awake at 6:30am Saturday morning. I picked up my sister and ran to Target and Publix to get everything ready, thank God my mom came over early and helped decorate and prepare food. The shower was great. Everyone had fun, the cake was so adorable and the Sister-in-Law got lots of great things. Here is what I wore for the shower even though it's not a full body shot (yes I wore white after Labor Day--those rules don't apply in Florida lol).
White tube dress: GAP

And here are some random pics of the shower: 
Cake with a prego on top---so so cute. This was made by a friend of my moms
Guest of honor---check out the leggings on this little outfit!
Me with the Mama.

After the shower ended at about 6:00pm, I went out with an old friend from high school. She and I were really, really close in high school but because she was two years younger, we kind of drifted apart after I graduated. 

We went to a Japanese Steakhouse and then to a local bar with live music and darts. I wore a new dress from H&M that I posted here. I started the night in heels but after seeing everyone was a little more casual than I was, I switched to some sandals after dinner.
Dress: H&M
Necklace: Really old, no idea
Shoes: Diba from DSW
Sunset: Benefit of living in SWFL!

My night was so fun. I felt like no time had passed between us, I love when that happens. However I can not say the same thing for Sunday morning -- twas no bueno. I didn't drink all that much but all day Sunday I was super sick. I am thinking it has something to do with the Japanese food. I have never ever been that sick from a few cocktails. I am still feeling it today. I pretty much laid and bed and cried all day yesterday. I don’t know what it is, but I must have had a traumatizing throwing up experience as a kid because even to this day, I will do everything in my power to not throw up and if I do, I cry. I hate it. I was also upset because I am out of town again this week and that was my only day to spend with the hubs after being out of town last week too. I was so bummed. Luckily the hubs was awesome as ever and took really good care of me. Love him!

So to say the least, I am totally exhausted and feeling icky, especially after my four hour drive this morning. I am however looking forward to Fall TV that starts this week. For those of you that don’t know, I am addicted to TV. Here are all of the shows I’ll be Tivo-ing this Fall…
· Gossip Girl
· Glee
· 90210
· Biggest Loser
· Hell’s Kitchen
· Private Practice
· Grey’s Anatomy
· Project Runway

See---told you I have issues and I think I am forgetting a few…

What shows are you all looking forward to?? Any more I should add to my list??

Hope you all had a great weekend. Despite my Sunday feeling ick day, I really had a great weekend—a successful shower and good times with an old friend. Love it!

Have a great week! xo Mere

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Atlanta Haul...

I have to say that one of my favorite parts of coming to work in Atlanta is my visit to downtown. I love how downtown Atlanta looks at night. I love all of the lights on the high rises and most of all, I love Atlantic Station. I think if I ever have to move out of Florida, I'd love to move in downtown Atlanta. I met an old college friend at a restaurant in Atlantic Station and before I met up with her, I did a quick trip to H&M (yay!). There was a lot of great selections and I got a lot of great things. Here is my haul!!!

The trench. I love this trench and I think the lining is extra fun. I really wanted one of the Banana trenches but at $198, I was a little hesitant being that I live in Florida and honestly I have about a two month span of jacket wearing weather. This fits great too and at $50, why not!

The bestie has been looking for a crop motorcycle jacket so I picked up this cute gray jacket for her.

Love this striped shirt, it has a thin navy stripe and buttons on the sleeve. So so comfy. Love it!

The sleeves on this add a little something extra.

This dress is super cute and I love the look of it. This is an 8 and they didn't have a 10. The dress fits really well except the bust is a little tight but I think I am going to roll with it. I have a skirt and a dress with similarly designed skirts to this and I think they are comfortable and flattering.

(P)leather bracelet

Steve Madden black flats from Dillards. I didn't actually intend to buy a pair of shoes but I was wearing wedges that I had been wearing all day and I was starting to get a blister so I picked up these cute bejeweled flats that I'll definitely get some use out of.

Well that's all I got. I want to thank all of you for the get well wishes. I feel tons better, a little congested still but overall much much better. I am leaving Atlanta tomorrow and heading back home. I can't wait to see my hubs and the puppy.  Happy Friday Friends!

xo Mere


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