Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yes I am one of those...

This weekend marked the fourth anniversary of the becoming a mother and therefore my beginning into becoming a crazy dog mom.

I graduated college in May of 2006 and wasn't set to begin my "career" after college job until September so when the opportunity arose for a paid summer internship in Atlanta, I took it. We were living in Miami at the time and hubs, who was my fiancĂ© at the time, was still taking classes and working full time so therefore he would not be accompanying me to Atlanta. : : tear : :

While in Atlanta, I met some really great people, learned a lot about my new career field, and discovered more than I even imagined about myself---but while in Atlanta, I got this idea that I wanted a puppy, something to add to our little family. We searched online and looked for the perfect breed to fit our lifestyle (which at the time was a 900 square foot apartment in Miami). I was totally in love with English Bull Mastiffs but 900 sq.ft + English bull mastiff do not equal a pleasant environment. Hubs eventually came across the Boston Terrier.

At first I thought they were a little quirky but after watching a few YouTube videos and searching google for every possible piece of information, I was in love, and even more confirmed on the quirk! We found a breeder in Miami and I sent hubs there to check them out. He came back with pictures that he emailed to me in Atlanta! I was in love!!

On August 4, 2006, I packed all of my belongings and joyfully headed home to Miami. While Atlanta was one of the best experiences of my life, being away from my fiance and trying to plan a wedding out of town was not at all fun. The day after we made it to Miami, four years ago, we went and picked out our love--which is now the most spoiled Mr. ever!

Welcome Mr. Fitzgerald O'Hoolihan 
(you should know that even though Fitz was born into a Cuban family in Miami, we determined that he was Irish--Boston lol--and therefore we found the best Irish name we could conjure up)

He slept A LOT!

Fitz is my fur-baby for sure--when he got neutered and came home from the vet, he looked totally helpless. I cried putting him into the car. I had to carry him the water bowl and watch him drink lying down! :-(

He keeps me company when I am lonely, cuddles to me every night, provides endless entertainment, and is a part of my family.

The Early Life and Times of Fitzgerald...
This is my fave picture. We were getting ready to leave for our wedding and he couldn't come. I think he definitely knew something was up.
LOL Enjoying a rawhide chew
Our First Christmas
...and disasters along the way.

Fitzgerald I am so glad you are in my life---muah!

..see told you I was "one of those people"


  1. I am one of "those" as well! My Oscar is everything to me. He is spoiled rotten and pretty much goes everywhere with us. I love being a dog mom!

  2. Aww Fitzy is so very cute and quirky like his mom :)

  3. Happy Anniversary Mere! :)

    Natasha xoxo

  4. awww your dog is such a cutie! x


  5. your dog is so adorable, happy anniversary!


  6. Awww I love my pup too! Your dog seems to be as devious as my little guy!


  7. Everyone---thanks for the comments and glad to see I am not alone...and yes Steph, you are correct. :-) sneaky little ones.

  8. He is so freaking cute! My boyfriend's parents have a Boston Terrier and I love him so much. They really are great dogs. I want a dog SO bad!



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