Saturday, August 14, 2010

What a week...

View from race today

Sorry I have been so absent this week but the motivation was definitely lacking for me. I had another 5k today with the bestie and I cut about thirty seconds off of my last time.

This race went better for me than the last one because I think I knew more of what to expect. I injured my foot after a run on Tuesday and was super bummed at the possibility of not being able to run. After much icing, resting, googling, and consulting with a more experienced runner, I determined that if it hurt at all I wouldn't run. Yesterday it felt good so I decided to go for it today. It's slightly sore now but I feel good about the run. I am actually planning to start my 10k training program this next week. Wish me luck---

The weather in Florida has been absolutely ridiculous with the heat. My outfits have been based about 85% on comfort and 15% on fashion -- I haven't really felt inspired. I am ready for some cooler weather and the clothes that accompany that.

I loved that Betsey Johnson was on Project Runway this week and was surfing through her site and found these. I love them---
How gorgeous!

I like this skirt from Banana Republic too but it's really similar to the tulip skirt I made here so I'll probably pass on this purchase but it's still worth mentioning :-)

I am planning on going out on the boat with my hubs, sister, and her bf tomorrow. I think the weather should be nice (read: no rain) but the heat index is forecasted to be 110* so needless to say I'll be floating a lot.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend---

xo Mere


  1. I love high waist skirts lately! Those pumps are adorable too!

    (The Pretty Pauper)

  2. Shoes and skirt are both SO cute!

  3. You gotta love the piles of sweat on our shirts :)

    I absolutely love the shoes and the skirt-and both in purple. Surprise, Surprise!

  4. Purple is my favorite color! Love those pumps.

    natasha @ twenty-something blog

  5. Lovee the pumps ;-)

  6. Thanks guys! Purple is my fave color too!



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