Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sephora Catalog Loves & An Outfit!...oh and cookies!

A co-worker of mine's wife is always baking cookies and cakes for us, especially during our busy season, which is great for the stress levels but bad for the waist line. That being said, he brought in chocolate chip cookies last week which were excellent so I asked for the recipe and actually made them this weekend. They were delicious and seemed easier than I remembered when it comes to making homemade cookies. Here is some eye candy...or eye cookies I should say. I am sad that they are all gone... 

I got the Sephora Fall 2010 Catalog today is the mail and one page actually make me smile----


As some of you know, I love purple! These NARS shadows shown here in Daphne  and D.Gorgeous are fab and I know I prob have something similar but I want these too. The nail polish the model is wearing is great too!

I also really like the ad with Tarina Tarantino. Has anyone tried this line? The colors for the new Fall Palettes are nice jewel tones of turquioses, greys, and purples. Love it!

Outfit time: 

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft, seen here
Yellow Bandeau purchased from ideeli
Shoes: JS by Jessica Simpson Oscar Style

Any So You Think You Can Dance fans out there?? I am way behind on the show and need to catch up but I am not overly in love with any of the dancers so I think it's harder for me to enjoy watching it, (that and the hubs hates it so I usually have to watch it while he's gone). I think they are all really great but I don't have a fave. I think it is getting really close to the finale. I'm hoping to catch up a little tonight. 

We are over the hump! Woo hoo!!!!!

xo Mere


  1. I love that ATL dress! So cute!!
    I got my Sephora catalog too. I ordered the UD Naked palette. Can't wait to get it. Although I had to order it from Ulta cuz Sephora keeps selling out.
    I also like SYTYCD. Although I have to say, I'm not a big fan of bringing back the all stars this season. I think it should focus on the new talent, not contestants from previous seasons. That being said, I like Lauren and Kent. I'm thinking Kent will prlly win.

  2. What a great dress! Love it.
    That eye shadow (purple) is such a pretty color.

    I love watching SYTYCD even though I haven't watched this season much. I wish I was talented as some of those people. Amazing!

  3. Hi! I too luv the purple eyeshadows and nail polish! Do you have D.Gorgeous? That color catches my eye but reviews were not so good.

    Why not share the cookie recipe? :-)I've never baked cookies...yup embarrasing! Is this an easy recipe for first timers? Thanks!

  4. @SimplyMe & Janine--Thanks so much!!

    @Mary--I haven't tried the purple yet but I am going to give it a swatch the next time I'm at Sephora. I'll have to go read the reviews.

    I'll post the recipe soon. It easy enough that even a beginner could do it Promise! :-)

  5. Those cookies look divine. And so does that adorable dress on you! Love it!


  6. That dress is super cute and looks great on you!!



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