Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Out of Town Ulta Haul

As I mentioned earlier, I am out of town this week for work. Most of our clients are smaller businesses so when we go out of town, we sometimes end up in small towns. I am currently working in a small town in Central Florida but luckily there is a new little mall area next door to the hotel with a Dillards, Ulta, and DSW. After work I hopped over to Ulta to check out the new OPI line of polish and ended up getting some great items.

Here is what I picked up:

Even though the headband craze has died down a bit I am still in love. I still try to wear one at least once a week. Here are some cute ones I saw tonight:
The center one is a little crazy but I think it would look great with an updo for a night out.

Both of these mini palettes were $10 each and great deals. The first one has three full size Stila eye shadows: Kitten (which as I mentioned here is one of my faves), Lame, and Chloe. The second one is one of Stila's travel palettes and comes with a cream blush in Hibiscus and 4 smaller eye shadows in pretty neutral shades (Snow Bunny, Valley Girl, Southern Belle, and City Chick). Both of these palettes seem great for my upcoming work travels.

I am really low on powder and while I was of course searching for Benefit Hello Flawless, I realized that this Ulta doesn't carry Benefit so instead I thought I'd try this one since it has a similar feel as the Benefit's. This is Too Faced Amazing Face. I tested it and just from the little bit I used it seems like a good product. I'll definitely keep you posted as I really haven't heard anything about this product before.

Lastly, I got some polish. I have been in love with OPI for a while now but I have lately been as attracted to Essie as I have been to OPI. I picked up two from each tonight. From OPI's Swiss Collection I got William Tell Me About OPI (left) and Just a Little Rosti at This (right). 

From Essie's Fall Collection I picked up Velvet Voyeur (right) and Merino Cool (left). I think the Merino Cool is a nice color to transition into fall and actually painted my nails with it tonight. It is sort of a gray with a slight hint of lilac. I really like it. Lately for me Essie has been having some really great colors out every season.

Today is my big brothers birthday--he is turning 31! I can't believe we are this age. Growing up with him was awesome and he is one of my fave people. Love you bro! 

Happy Birthday Corey!!


  1. Lots of goodies :)
    Merino Cool looks just like Metro Chic - Sephora by Opi. Love the color.

  2. I am seriously loving those Essie colors!!

  3. Love the nail color! ...and I too have an obsession with headbands, especially for work. Funny how such a little things can add a nice touch to an outfit.

    Don't you just LOVE the little malls in Central Florida?!? lol...definitely not like what your familiar with, huh?

    Natasha xoxo

  4. @Lilly--I haven't tried Metro Chic but it's almost like You Don't Know Jacques with a hint of purple.

    @Natasha--I agree about the headbands and I'm not even sure this constitutes a mall lol!



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