Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Do you really get what you pay for...

My story began about a year ago. I have had these peep toe simple black pumps from Antonio Melani that I have had since like 2006. Well about a year ago, they got wet in one of our typical summer downpours and the soul came up and would actually stick to my foot when I wore them. Well this drove me completely insane so I took some gorilla glue (strongest glue on planet earth) and applied it to the sole and glued down the lining. It dried a little bumpy and wonky but really I didn't care, you couldn't see it and I could barely feel it.

Fast forward to this week with my running foot injury I told you about here. I am out of town for work this week so Sunday night I pack my pumps and a pair of wedges for the entire week. Monday morning I arrive at my destination after a long drive, throw my flip flops in back seat and put the pumps on. OMG! The pain was excruciating. The lump of dried glue that was "no biggie" a year ago was now piercing the one part of my foot that is sore. Yesterday I had no option and spent the entire day sucking it up. 

Last night I ran over to DSW with a $10 coupon in hand looking for something similar to replace my shoes. I found these...
Brand: Rampage
Pretty right! That's was I was thinking last night, especially since their price tag was a mere $39 dollars not considering my coupon. I wore them a bit around the hotel and they felt fine. Fast forward to today at noon and holy hurting feet. There is a seam that is running along the edge that is scratching me and the toe box of the shoe is just uncomfortable. Boo!! 

I typically spending $75+ on work shoes, not because I seek that price but because that is usually the style or brand I prefer. So I ask you, when it comes to shoes, do you really get what you pay for?? 

I am probably going to have to cave and head to Dillard's tonight to see if I can find anything. If not, I'll be stuck with a dried glue blob stabbing pain or a the scrunched toe scratching pain---oh decisions! 

: : : sigh : : :

xo Mere


  1. I definitely think you get what you pay for. But sometimes there are cheaper brands that make comfy shoes. They are just hard to find. Never ever get payless heels....OWWWWW I have suffered from their torture before.

  2. This made me laugh and I agree...you do get what you pay for. However, if we go by that philosophy do you have any idea how comfortable Louboutin's must be? I say we get on purchasing those asap :)

    Yesterday I wore a pair of grey peep toe shoes by Mia-I think purchased for around $50. Not only were my feet uncomfortable all day but they actually make an incredible amount of embarrassing noise. Currently looking for a replacement!!

  3. That sucks! Hope you find a comfy pair of heels.

    Few years ago (maybe 4+) I bought peep toe heels from Sarah J. Parker's line, Bitten. I paid $8.99. I still wear them and they are sooo comfy. Probably one of the most comfortable heels I own. I can wear them all day and my feet will not hurt by end of the day. I think in many instances what you get is what you pay for is true, but definitely not always, as some of the cheap shoes I bought are actually really comfortable.

  4. Here's my thoughts. If you're going to go cheap on shoes - do it in the flip flop, sandal, and flats catagories - not heels! I rarely have found cheap heels to be a good idea. I stick with BCBG and Guess for most of my work shoe needs and I'm never let down. I did spring for some Madden Girl (cheaper) shoes from DSW recently and they've worked out well so far (3 wears).


  5. i ALWAYS buy those gel inserts by dr. scholls for my heels and they work wonders. I've had great luck with Jessica Simpson shoes and Michael Kors being very comfy!

  6. @Jennifer--Good to know. Note to self: No payless :-)

    @Heather--this calls for shopping for sure (what's new)

    @Lilly--I had a pair of Bitten I think I paid $10 and they were awesome. I forgot about those.

    @Becca--I think I should stick with that philosophy too. I haven't had many BCBG but I am a big Steve Madden fan.

    @Veronika--I have never used the gel inserts, I def think I should try it thought. Jessica Simpson's are really comfy and everything MK touches turns to gold so I can only imagine they are comfy :-)



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