Monday, August 30, 2010

Latest Obsession---LACE!

Today around lunch time my email buzzed and I checked and I saw it was ShopStyle with my daily (or so) email full of things they think I might possibly love. So I did my usual scroll at warp speed through the email when something caught my eye and I stopped dead in my tracks, er...I mean scroll. What was it that grab my attention---Lace Leggings!

How have I not come across these before now?! Let me tell you that I am going to be purchasing these as soon as humanly are some I have found. Now I just need to find the perfect pair for me!

The outfit potential with these leggings/tights are endless. I cannot wait for cooler weather to sport some of these bad boys! What do you think? Are you digging the lace trend in other garments too??

Monday is over---it can only get better from here!

xo Mere

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's almost Friday and an outfit...

Readers, I have to say. Not one week goes by where I am not excited for Friday. Isn't that amazing---not one Thursday morning do I ever wake to say oh man, the weekend is almost here-bummer!. Today is no exception. I actually think the last thing I said to hubs last night in bed was tomorrow is Thursday, almost Friday! What does this say about my job...I'm not quite sure.

Anyways, about a month ago when I went for my contacts check up with the eye doc @ LensCrafters, I walked by a table of sunglasses on clearance and since my sunglasses that I was currently wearing were prescription, I knew I would need something. I got these bad boys---

I love them. They fit so well and are really dark which I love. My only complaint, you may wonder (or you may not) is that I haven't worn them since Saturday! SATURDAY people. In Florida. In August! Do you see a problem?? This weather is driving me crazy. If I go a week without pulling these out of their oh-so-lovely case, I think I may be in search of moving to a sunnier place---maybe the Caymans?? I have some peeps there that I'm sure would welcome me with open arms (hint hint Mel LOL).

Ok done with the little rant. Today I was trying to wear something light to counter the dark weather outside...

Skirt: Express, seen here and here
Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace: Anthropologie
Shoes: Steve Madden, seen here and here

Oh and I forgot to post about this last week but my little brother (he is 17) plays the guitar and actually does open mic night at this trendy little coffee house in town. My husband and I went last weekend. I didn't get any good pics but you get the gist from this one...

Yay! Go Grant!

Umm...yep I think that is it. Happy Thursday everyone!! 

xo Mere

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ramblings and Glamour's Top Products...

It is pouring rain and I am sitting in the office dying for a nap---I am not even that tired but the idea of sleeping with the pouring rain and thunder is so appealing---here is what it looks like out of my windows right now---

So I really don't have much to report so this is going to be a random post for sure...

Firstly, on Friday while I was in Tampa I went to the International Mall (I think that was the name) and there was a store called Fit2Run---it was total running bliss.

They had every piece of running gear you could ever want. I ended up getting two pairs of running shorts. After my last race, I wasn't too thrilled with the "wet my pants" look lol. They also had treadmills and video cameras set up to record how you run so you can get fitted for the perfect running shoe. Since I recently became an "injured" runner, I am in the market for some perfectly fitting shoes. My bestie and I are headed to Tampa September 10th for the John Mayer concert (YAY!) so hopefully I will be able to stop there while I am in town for a fitting.

Also while at the mall, I got the cutest pleated skirt at Zara. I should be wearing it soon so I'll be posting an Outfit of the Day post. When I went online to see if I could find a pic (which I couldn't) I notice that online shopping for Zara will be available on September 2nd. Yay for people like me without one in the area!

Not sure how many True Blood fans are out there but I totally love this Rolling Stones cover that came out last week---I think it looks totally awesome. Overall I don't think anyone on this cast is drop dead gorgeous but I am def a fan of Sookie and Bill together.

On, they have their 30 top beauty products and I def have to say I agree with a lot of their picks:

For the best drugstore moisturizer they have Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer spf 30. I use this and love it. It's just the right thickness and I find it works really well. I have even used it as sunscreen if I am just going to the pool for a bit.

Anyone that has been following me knows I love DiorShow mascara and Glamour agrees--this was voted best department store mascara. I prefer the DiorShow Blackout mascara to this one but I think they are both fabulous!

Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse was voted best drug store foundation. I used to use this often and I think it has great coverage. For the summer I have been using a tinted moisturizer but I think this foundation has great coverage. I also really like the Dream Liquid Foundation---both go on really smooth and provide decent coverage. I am surprised Revlon's ColorStay didn't get mentioned as I know a lot of beauty bloggers are gung-ho for it.

For the best non-drug store nail polish color Lincoln Park After Dark won and this color is amazing---no more needs to be said!

Lastly, the department store winner for blush was NARS Orgasm. This color is awesome and I know many others agree.

There are some other products and categories on this list that I haven't used but maybe should be trying for sure.

Ok only 3 hours of work left---yay! My half marathon training plan started yesterday and today is my first run in the plan and first run since my 5k (and injured foot) so wish me luck. I really want to run all of the races that I am signed up for so I pray it heals quickly. 

I hope everyone is having a good week!

xo Mere

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some good reads and I few repeats...

First off I would like to say thank you to all of my 100 FOLLOWERS! I am so excited that I have reached 100 followers. (This was actually an item on my bucket list!--one more thing to cross off!) I will definitely be posting a great giveaway soon to celebrate. Thanks to everyone that reads and comments. I really appreciate all of you!

I hesitated posting these two outfits because I have already posted these previously but then I was thinking, people in the real world repeat outfits so why not post these. The first is an outfit I wore to work this week. This dress is from Calvin Klein that I got from ideeli. This dress is the most comfortable dress I have ever worn for a work dress.

Dress: Calvin Klein, seen here
Shoes: Steve Madden, seen here

The hubs and I went to the movies tonight to see The Switch. It was so good--I love both Jennifer Anistan and Jason Bateman and the movie was so cute. The little kid in the movie is totally adorable too. Here is what I wore:

Jeans: Barely Boot
Top: Anthropologie, seen here
Headband: Banana Republic
Shoes: Steve Madden Florale, seen here
Ring: Banana Republic

This was the first time I have tried Velvet Vouyer from the new Essie Fall 2010 line. I love this color. I am ready for Fall so I can start wearing these dark colors all of the time--I really think they are so flattering.

Then lastly, I have some excellent reading material for the upcoming week or so...
...and check out how thick these bad boys are!
I Love the September Issues!

I hope everyone is still enjoying the weekend!

xo Mere

Friday, August 20, 2010

Stila Travel Palette...

I blogged here about the Stila Travel Palette that I picked up at Ulta for a mere $10 this week. Well I decided to play around with some of the colors and came up with this eye look. I really like it and I think all of the colors go together very well. It's a sort of purple neutral look.

Eyes: Stila Travel Palette
Face: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer & Too Faced Amazing Face Powder
Cheeks: MAC Mineralized in Super Duper Natural
Lips: Good Old Carmex :-)

We have finally made it. Welcome Friday!

I have a pretty low key weekend that will probably include finishing the dress I am sewing and prob a 2-3 mile run on Sunday. My half marathon training begins on Monday. My foot is back to normal so I am pretty excited to get this going. 

Any exciting plans going on out there??


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Randoms and an Outfit!

I have some excellent news my friends---It it Thursday! Ya-hoo!! The week is almost over. I cannot wait to get home tomorrow. I am actually heading to Tampa tonight for a Continuing Education day tomorrow at my firm headquarters. The after that, I can finally drive home. Yay!

The client I am at has blaring music playing in the bathroom (and only in the bathroom which is a little strange) and yesterday as I was walking out, I heard "6, 8, 12" from Bryan McKnight. I was so excited. I haven't heard that song in probably 10 years. I stood in the bathroom and listened to the whole thing. I love a lot of his songs and I actually ended up downloading some to my phone too. I love old songs that bring back memories.

On to the outfit:

Top: Banana Republic
Skirt: Banana Republic, seen here
Shoes: Steve Madden Trinitie
Cardi: NY&Co

This was the first time I wore this top and I really like it. It was a little low for work after I moved around some so I think I might wear a bralette or a boob tube underneath next time. These are the shoes I got at Dilliard's and they are really cute and comfy but possibly a little too high for work. Oh well--they will have to work for a little while at least.

I also tried the Too Faced Amazing Face Powder/Foundation this morning and I think it is great. It has a satin-y finish with good coverage. It is also pretty similar to Benefit's Hello Flawless which is my go to powder. I'm not sure I am 100% committed to switching after only one use but I do like it so far.

I guess that is all I have to contribute for now. Oh and I have 99 followers (one away from crossing an item off of my bucket list)---I am so excited! Thanks to all of you, I truly, madly, deeply appreciate everyone that reads and comments. Thank you!

xo Mere

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Out of Town Ulta Haul

As I mentioned earlier, I am out of town this week for work. Most of our clients are smaller businesses so when we go out of town, we sometimes end up in small towns. I am currently working in a small town in Central Florida but luckily there is a new little mall area next door to the hotel with a Dillards, Ulta, and DSW. After work I hopped over to Ulta to check out the new OPI line of polish and ended up getting some great items.

Here is what I picked up:

Even though the headband craze has died down a bit I am still in love. I still try to wear one at least once a week. Here are some cute ones I saw tonight:
The center one is a little crazy but I think it would look great with an updo for a night out.

Both of these mini palettes were $10 each and great deals. The first one has three full size Stila eye shadows: Kitten (which as I mentioned here is one of my faves), Lame, and Chloe. The second one is one of Stila's travel palettes and comes with a cream blush in Hibiscus and 4 smaller eye shadows in pretty neutral shades (Snow Bunny, Valley Girl, Southern Belle, and City Chick). Both of these palettes seem great for my upcoming work travels.

I am really low on powder and while I was of course searching for Benefit Hello Flawless, I realized that this Ulta doesn't carry Benefit so instead I thought I'd try this one since it has a similar feel as the Benefit's. This is Too Faced Amazing Face. I tested it and just from the little bit I used it seems like a good product. I'll definitely keep you posted as I really haven't heard anything about this product before.

Lastly, I got some polish. I have been in love with OPI for a while now but I have lately been as attracted to Essie as I have been to OPI. I picked up two from each tonight. From OPI's Swiss Collection I got William Tell Me About OPI (left) and Just a Little Rosti at This (right). 

From Essie's Fall Collection I picked up Velvet Voyeur (right) and Merino Cool (left). I think the Merino Cool is a nice color to transition into fall and actually painted my nails with it tonight. It is sort of a gray with a slight hint of lilac. I really like it. Lately for me Essie has been having some really great colors out every season.

Today is my big brothers birthday--he is turning 31! I can't believe we are this age. Growing up with him was awesome and he is one of my fave people. Love you bro! 

Happy Birthday Corey!!


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