Saturday, July 31, 2010

Week Update...

This week has been pretty crazy. On Tuesday I was surfing the internet looking for running advice and any upcoming races in the area and I found out there was a race today for a 5K so I signed up. I have never done a race so I was pretty excited. I was out sick on Thursday due to a stomach bug so I was nervous about running today. Also I have stopped running outside for the last couple months because our humidity is out of control and the heat index is over 100* everyday. That being said, the race today was harder that I expected. It wasn't sunny as it was raining in some nearby areas but the heat and humidity were out of control. My goal for the run was simply to finish it and I did with a time of 37:04. I am happy with that but of course once I continue training, I'd like to get a little better time. 
(nice and sweaty pic for you)

I ran the whole first mile, half of the second, and probably only the last quarter of the third mile. I was surprised at how much harder it was outside but I'm excited I did it and even more excited for the next now that I know what to expect.

On Wednesday I went to the eye doctor for an annual check up to make sure my prescription hasn't worsened and to maybe see if I could get contacts. I have been wearing glasses for about six years and have been too intimidated to try contacts. While I don't have any problems touching my eye, I was afraid how they would feel and if they got stuck up in my eyelids. Good news was that my prescription is the same and I got contacts. I love them. It is so nice to not wear the glasses, especially watching television. My only dilemma is that I have DKNY sunglasses I love with prescription lenses so I have to get some sunglasses that have normal lenses. I have been wearing some old Coach glasses but the lenses are so light and they are just not that good anymore---too worn.

I am planning a pretty lazy Saturday--heading over to my mom's in a bit to finish my craft project then dinner with a old friend I haven't seen in three and a half years. We were best friends before I moved and she was in my wedding. When I moved to Miami, we just drifted apart. I am super excited to reconnect and catch up on what's been happening in her life.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. I'll be back soon with outfits and more exciting posts---promise. 

xo Mere


  1. WOW! Congrats Mere! You still look great after running a 5K :)

  2. Congrats on the race! And on getting contacts! I've been wearing them for 13 years and really like them, and it's especially nice to have the option of wearing one or the other. I'm glad you're having a positive experience with them so far :)

  3. Congrats! I would like to run a 5K in the next few months, but I got long ways to go to be able to run. My friends and I are "training" so we'll see how we do :)

  4. @Andi--thanks doll! You are so sweet.

    @Jacki--Thanks and I think the contacts are here to stay----so far so good :-)

    @Simply Me--Thank you. I have only been running since December so its def possible for you too.



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