Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Outfit for a pretty uneventful day!

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First item on the agenda is to update the drama---my father is a retired Fire Chief and once I found out about the fire mentioned here I called my dad to see if he knew anything. It turns out that it was arson. Someone burned the front door of someone’s unit!! How crazy---someone is willing to burn down a condo of 300 units for some kind of beef! People never cease to amaze me. I just couldn’t believe it!

Ok back to something more light and airy. This is another one of my Banana Republic Outlet steals! I wasn’t really sure about it at first and I even put it on a couple of times last week only to feel it just wasn’t right. This morning I threw this bad boy on again and was digging through my accessories looking for the perfect piece and I found this belt I got at Target a while back---I think it goes really nicely. Here are some pics---

Skirt: Banana Republic
Top: Banana Republic
Shoes: Nine West
Belt: Target

On a side note, I did not overdue the blush this morning, I actually am a little sunburned from boating on Sunday with my husband, sister and sister's boyfriend. We went and anchored at a sandbar and just floating and chatted. It was pretty awesome and it didn't rain (which is super unusual for July)! Just an overall great day!

I hope everyone has an awesome day---I have Zumba tonight. I haven't worked out since last Thursday (kind of lazy this weekend) so I'm pretty pumped about that :-)



  1. I adore this outfit. I am so glad you branched out and wore black and brown together . And the boat day looks like so much fun. I'm not jealous at all that you had that glorious day while I had an all day study session--I swear, I'm not ;)

  2. Love the outfit. I recently hit the outlets down my way (near Tampa) and got a blazer at the Banana outlet for 10 bucks! Amazing. I also got a really cute dress at Gap for 10 bucks. And even Marc Jacobs aviators for 50. I love outlet shopping.

  3. Thanks Heather! Hurry up and finish so I can have my friend back!

    @Becca--Thanks so much! I love the outlets too. I only recently got into the outlets and they are totally awesome! I always stop at the Prime Outlets in Sarasota whenever I head North. Those are pretty good too. :-)

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