Thursday, July 8, 2010

Miami's going to be bringing the HEAT!

So I am not sure if I have mentioned or not but I love the Miami Heat. I fell in love when we lived there--I love going to the games. The one thing I must admit though is that since Shaq-daddy left, I have lost a little bit of drive to follow. I love Shaq----like if I saw him in the street, I'd have the desire to run up, give him a huge hug and maybe jump up and down like a crazy. That being said, I have to say that I am super pumped about LeBron James heading down our way. I think having him will really help seal the deal on an excellent season. To celebrate the news of LeBron joining us down here--Fitz and I decided to dress in our Heat gear (well I actually decided and forced Fitzy into the oh so snug jersey)...

{please note the excited face was exaggerated for this picture lol)

Though I don't want to give my poor little Fitzy a complex, I think we may need to up the size of his jersey, it's getting a little snug. I can't wait to travel over for some awesome games. It will give me more excuses to see all of my peeps I miss over there.

Go Heat!

(on a side note, I took a little trip to Ulta tonight and got some cute things---mini teeny haul tomorrow)

Goodnight all
xo Mere

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  1. I love basketball as well... i'm a little obsessed actually. lol. Can't wait for the season to begin. But I do have an important question for you... Gators or Seminoles?! ;)

    Natasha xoxo



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