Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Friday and a little project...

Yay! It's Friday and even though Tropical Storm Bonnie is going to be ripping through here any minute, I don't care! It's Friday. I think today and tomorrow are suppose to be very rainy so I am planning a little low key weekend. I ordered about 500 pictures from Snapfish so I could scrapbook some. Or I could begin another sewing project. I have been reluctant to stay indoors lately on the weekend so my creative/crafty side has taken a back seat. I will, of course, keep you updated on my exciting weekend. ;-)

I have seen many videos on YouTube on how to de-pot eye shadows in order for them to fit into a MAC Palette. I decided I wanted to try this. While I do not have hardly any MAC shadows, I do have some Smashbox, LORAC, and Urban Decay that all have the same pan sizes.

I ordered the MAC Palette and round magnets on eBay and they arrived yesterday so I jumped right in, curious to see if I could get it to work. Well good news----it worked!! I have about three more Smashbox shadows to do and then my palette will be almost done and still have room for growth.

I needed:
the eye shadows
the palette
a paring knife
tongs (I eventually switched to husbands tools as I was melting them)
lighter (or flatiron but I prefer the lighter)

There are tons of videos on YouTube to watch so I am just giving quick instructions...
Pop the outer case from the inside case holding the pan.
Take a lighter to the bottom to loosen the glue. Try not to inhale the plastic fumes. Once the glue is loose, the pan will pop right out, just take the tip of the paring knife and pry it out.
Add a small magnet to the bottom of the pan (not shown), mine had adhesive but most of the pans were tacky once the glue heated up and would easily hold a magnet. Lightly heat up the label from the bottom of the outer case and use the paring knife to pull the sticker off and place it over the magnet.
All of the stickers worked great except LORAC, their stickers were bigger than the pans so I had to push them into the palette hoping the sticker would curl around the edges of the pan.
Ta-da----all done. I love it! (I placed the extra magnets in the spots so I wouldn't lose them)

This was easy and I love little projects so it was a little fun for me too. Hope you all have an amazing day!! Love you guys!! Thanks for reading!

xo Mere


  1. Awww love the finger people you made so cute!!!


  2. Don't you just love projects?!



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