Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hurricane Season is among us!

As any true Floridian is aware, June signifies the beginning of a lot of things---no more snow birds, temps over 90* every day, rain every day (midmorning showers for the East Coast and early evening showers for the West Coast) and most importantly, Hurricane Season! Now that we are leaving this beloved month, these little friends of ours (storms) are going to become more frequent and with Hurricane Alex hitting Mexico as I type this, I thought this post is fitting for today.

I have a confession—I secretly love hurricanes. I don’t necessarily like the destruction they cause or the loss of life by any means but what I do love is the chaos. I love the mayhem that ensues throughout grocery stores and gas stations alike. I love getting time off work (even though I work for a Manager from the Northeast that has no idea proper protocol for things such as this). I love the way the weather channel sends their brightest and best news anchors into the “heart of the storm” and watch them hold on for dear life as gale force winds swirl around them and waves are crashing over their heads. I love the feel of the "calm before the storm"--it's a cool enveloping swirl of wind with the dark clouds looming. I know---weird!

My husband and I are strangely alike in this sense, which brings me to a little story time with Mere! In 2008, we had Tropical Storm Fay which caused flooding and some debris but overall not a lot of damage—schools were closed and we got off of work for one day. Being the good employee that I am, I did work from home this day and as I was sitting there working away, I noticed my husband was no where to be found. I walked all over our condo and into the hallway on our floor and nothing. I was so curious so I walked downstairs and I eventually found him OUTSIDE! He was running around in 60+ mph winds and rain. At first I was like OMG!---what are you doing, then I just ran upstairs and got the camera. Here is the video from that day. There are a lot of shots of the storm, towards the middle and end there are shots some of my seriously crazy husband. (Keep in mind this is only a tropical storm and we wouldn’t be making light of a serious hurricane situation!) Enjoy the video and let’s pray for a quiet season----even though I do love the chaos so.


  1. I have to admit there are parts of hurricane season I love long as it's not a major one with lots of destruction :) And I love this video. It's hilarious.

  2. I have to admit that the one year I lived in Florida, I was really pissed we didn't have a hurricane! I wanted to experience one so bad! :)

  3. Hi! nice blog...I dont even know how I came across it, what part of FL are you in? Im s FL by Ft lauderdale. You got cool stuff here=)

  4. Thanks Stephany!!--I live in Fort Myers!



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