Monday, July 12, 2010

Braids Part Duex! Plus an Outfit!

Happy Monday Readers!!

I was lazy this weekend and slacked on the posts but that doesn't mean I didn't take pictures (yay!) and I even followed through with a reader request and did a tutorial (yay again!) But first I must tell you of the Saturday Morning Drama! I live in a condo that consists of two high rises and at 5 am, the other building's fire alarm went off and the whole building was evacuated. I, of course, slept through this but I did wake around 6 am when hubs was leaving to go fishing. I looked out the window and there were seven fire trucks and tons of cops, and also all of the building's tenant/owners were sleeping on the pool deck in chairs or huddled by the parking lot. It turns out there was a fire on the 18th floor that was contained in that unit and put out with the fire sprinklers but still--crazy! That is the second fire in that building. The fire sprinklers did cause major water damage though and I guess there was little waterfalls in the elevator shafts so the elevators were shut off. There was also inches of water in the stairwells and lobby. No one was hurt but crazy nonetheless!

Then since I was up early anyways, I decided to go through with my braids tutorial. I tried to do the braids and take pictures and that was not that successful. Therefore I went ahead with my first VLOG! I hope you like it and if you are not to keen on the idea, just let me know----no hurt feelings. I love getting feedback from you guys!

As promised, he was the details on my makeup. For my eyeshadow, I used the 120 color palette.
Middle of the lid
Inner Corner

After I did my tutorial, I decided to curl my hair. I didn't feel like doing anything productive around the house (i.e. laundry, cleanings, shopping for the week's groceries) so curling it was. I have super thick, heavy hair so the curls looked like this before I tousled them...

Then after a few hours, I got dressed to go out and the curls fell. I liked them but they just didn't look so "curled".

Skirt: H&M from Athens
Tank: H&M
Shoes: ZigiNY

Last week, I posted about going to Ulta and getting some polish from the Shrek OPI collection. I trued the blue first instead of the purple, because I always wear the purple, and I love it!!

I love this polish! I didn't think I'd like it as much as I do---love love love!

I hope you all have a great Monday and I hope that this video works. Let me know what you think and I hope this week flies by!!!



  1. Congratulations on your first Vlog! I love it. I really wanna try the second braid you did now. I also love the outfit and pinky red eye makeup. Basically I love everything about this post :)

  2. Love the vlog! Good job.

  3. You slept through the fire alarm! hahaha I did that at school once, we (me and roommate) were six minutes late out of the house! You look lovely hair...

  4. @Heather and Alicia---Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for reading/watching.

    @Cafe Bellini--well to be fair, our buildings alarm wasn't going off but the hubs heard the other one so technically I slept through it lol. Thanks for reading and the comments!

  5. You look amazing! Love those shoes!
    Good thing you guys are ok, that is scary business!

  6. I almost got that color on my toes this weekend when I went for a pedicure!! I love it and you're making me think I should go for it next time! (I ended up with Essie "Lapis of Luxury" which is very similar, just a bit darker..)

  7. Watching your video made me wish I hadn't just chopped my long hair off. Love the different looks!

  8. @Andi--Thanks so much! I love them more than is probably healthy lol.

    @Lindsay--I love the blues. I used to be against the blue polish but now I love it!

    @Britt--Thanks! I am not brave enough to chop mine off even though I claim to be about once a year. lol :-)

  9. ugh your hair is goooorgeous! xo

  10. your hair is GORGEOUS!!!

  11. Curls look so great on you! I'm lovin' the locks look :)

    Natasha xoxo



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