Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Purchases and Gifts!

This weekend I was a lucky girl--not only did I get the most awesome shoes, I also hit a fabulous sale at Banana and got great birthday gifts.However I am a little concerned that my family thinks I am an alcoholic lol.

Starting with some pretty cool gifts. My mom got me these wine glasses and carafe from Pier 1---they have a crackle pattern on the base.
My sister and her BF Nick got me these Mikasa martini glasses:
And  I have been wanting a wine chiller for a while so the hubs got me this Waring Pro wine chiller. It has a database and you select the type of wine and it chills the wine to the optimal drinking temp. I thought it was going to chill it a little quicker (a Riesling took 45 minutes) but it's still a really cool gadget.

I got some other really amazing gifts from friends and family and want to say thanks so much. I am so blessed that I have great people in my life!! Love you all!

Saturday I got a chance to hang out with those amazing people for dinner and we went to Stir Crazy, which is an Asian restaurant that has really yummy food and drinks. Before we ate, my bf Heather, my sister, and I hit Sephora and Banana Republic.

I ran into Sephora because I was out of powder and ended up getting just a few things. I have really been wanting to get a cheek stain so I picked up Tarte cheek stain in Natural Beauty. It's a subtle color but I really think it will be nice to have a blush that goes on pretty naturally---especially since I am new to cheek stains.

This is with the flash. It's straight out of the container on the top and blended on the bottom. It's a little hard to see---sorry.

I also got the eyeshadow brush here. These are newer brushes at Sephora. The sales associate was explaining how they are balanced so no matter where you hold it, you have complete control. I really like the feel of the handle and the shape of the brush. The face brushes were pink and the eyeshadows' were blue and purple. 

I also got the Benefit Hello Flawless powder which is my fave that I reviewed here and I also got my birthday gift. I haven't used it yet, hopefully it's awesome too!

On to Banana:
Every sale item this weekend at Banana was an extra 25% off and I got all sale items! (The links here aren't always the exact items or colors. The prices were different in store sometimes too)

High waisted pencil skirt reg $59.99 on sale for $24

This skirt was $59.99 also, same as above, on sale same as above but an additional 30% off since the zipper is broke so I ended up paying $17 for this. I don't think I am going to be able to fix this since zippers are my arch nemesis but I can't imagine it'd be too much to fix at a tailor.
This skirt was $59.50---paid $23. This skirt is a light fabric and I think I'll be able to wear it high waisted or pulled a little lower since it has an elastic waist. Also this can be dressed up or down. It came in a olive tan color and two floral prints also.

White tank with satin trim--reg $29.99 paid $11!! 
This shirt has a fluttered sleeve and was regularly $45--I paid a mere $23

This studded belt was regularly $50 paid $22.50. This is so adorable.

Here are some quick pics from that night with my girls!

Jeans: Express Barely Boot
Top: Express
Shoes: Banana
Me and my sis on the way there!

My bestie, my sis, and me at the end of the night

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. Anything exciting to report? Please share...

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  1. Love your OOTN!
    Yay for new goodies, awesome finds at Banana! I wear my studded belt all the time, with everything ;)



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