Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacay Pics ---- finally!

Friends, I am finally here to post pictures from our recent vacation. For those of you that don't know, my husband and I returned last week from a 10 day European vacation. We flew into Rome stayed for one night then boarded a Royal Caribbean ship for a 7 night cruise through the Mediterranean Sea. Our ports of call were Sicily, Ephesus (Turkey), Athens, and Crete (Greece), then back to Rome. We stayed another night in Rome then flew home. The vacation was a much needed one and I actually spent more time relaxing than site seeing, which was fine with me. I usually have the kind of vacations where you need a week to recover from the vacation when you arrive home so I made sure to take full advantage of the relaxing atmosphere on the cruise ship.

Everything was so awesome and relaxing, the only thing I think I will do different next time is do back to back cruises. The flights are so costly that I think doing two cruises would be more bang for your buck. There were tons of people on the cruise that had either been on the ship the week before (that went to a couple places in Spain and Italy) or they were touring more of Europe with a separate tour company. I was so tempted to stay on board, I was not at all ready to leave.

Without further ado, here are some pictures from my trip. You must know that we took over 900 pictures so it's really hard to pick some for the blog. Ahh choices!

When we landed in Rome, we went to a tour of the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St. Peters Basilica. The art and architecture was simply breathtaking---really impressive. There are not even words in seeing the Sistine Chapel, the level of detail and the painting are stunning.

pictures from the Vatican

Next up are some pics of the cruise ship. Living in Florida, we have the benefit of having easy access to cruises so this was our fifth cruise but our first room with a balcony. I really didn't think it would be worth it, boy was I wrong. I loved having the balcony. I actually sat on the balcony and read for like five hours one day. It was really so relaxing.

our room
us on the balcony (excuse the squint--I can't function w/o sunnies)
the Royal Promenade where all of the shops were and some bars


view of the island of Sicily

First Formal Night on the Cruise:

Dress: H&M
Hubs Shirt: Express
Makeup: Navy blue smokey eye, similar here
Ephesus, Turkey:
In Turkey, we did a tour of Ephesian ruins, the House of the Virgin Mary, and then ate an authentic Turkish lunch at a resort on the water. It was extremely hot but the tour was excellent, as was the food and the sites to see.

Athens, Greece:
The tour we did in Athens was an easy going tour that went to the Acropolis, the Olympic Center, then Plaka for some shopping. There was a nice range of shopping here with stores from high end to a flea market type. This is where I bought my skirt I posted last week.


Crete, Greece:
We didn't sign up for any tours at this port as we were only here for a few hours. We went into the city where there were some pretty architectural sites and some really good shopping. I was expecting more of a Greek Isles feel---like Santorini with the blue and white buildings. This wasn't at all like that and actually looked very similar to Athens. 

Cruise Pics:
These pics are from around the ship and our sailing at sea days.

heading back to Rome :-(

at the pool
ice carving demonstration on the pool deck--it was a bald eagle and he did it in 10 minutes!
a volcano we sailed by on the way back to Rome
our favorite bartenders, Lucas & Christian--we were suppose to be "GQ" in this photo but I couldn't stop laughing :-)
I surprised the hubs with champagne and rose petals on the last night
leaving the port and heading back to Rome

Rome Hotel:

looking up into the stairwell

view from our hotel window looking into Campo de Fiori

Back in Rome:
I started feeling off on the last night of the cruise and by the time we were back in Rome, I was full on sick with a head cold of sorts. Needless to say, the touring of Rome was a little icky for me but we got to see some of my fave spots in Rome at least.
Us at the Trevi Fountain,
fountain at the Piazza Navona,
Spanish Steps


Thanks for sticking through this post---I hope I picked some photos that showed the beauty of the countries we visited. I love seeing the old architecture and the beauty places abroad. Thanks for stopping by!!!

xo Mere


  1. It looks like you guys had such a great time. You deserved the break. I love all these pictures so much. I can't wait until I get to see all that in person.....sigh someday :)

  2. looks like so much fun!! hubs and i hope on doing a eurpoean trip next year for our 1st wedding aniversary.

  3. What a fantastic holiday! That ice demo is quite something. I've never been to Sicily or Crete, otherwise I recognised all the sites :-) Great dress! and you should show us more photos!

  4. @Heather--Thanks! you will see it soon, maybe when you pass the CPA exam!

    @Lynnette--Thanks! For my first wedding anniversary we did Rome, Paris, and London and it was amazing!!

    @Cafe--Thanks! Once the hubs finishes editing his pics, I'll post a link to our Picasa album so you can see more :-)

  5. What an amazing trip Mere! So glad you enjoyed yourself. And did you get that H&M dress recently? It's utterly amazing on you!

  6. Thanks Andi. I got that dress in January! Thanks so much I love it too! :-)

  7. Beautiful pics, what a great vacation! I'd love to see more fashion photos of what you wore on the trip!



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