Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Survey Says...It's Cruise Time!

I have to preface this post by first saying that I am a crazy, crazy planner. I plan for things that sometimes don't even require planning---I even plan for my planning. That being said, I am trying to plan my outfits for our cruise that is now less than two weeks away.

I was talking with my bestie/co-worker (how awesome is it that I get to work with a bestie all of the time!) and we decided how cool it would be to do a blog vote on my vacation outfits. I have too many options and can't really decide and I think my husband would freak it I packed all of my "alternates". I think it's really easy to over pack for a cruise as every type of look is used---from casual to dressy to formal--and with our cruise being in Europe, I'd like to pack the minimum. (Husband read that your minimum is probably a lot different than mine lol)

Starting tomorrow I will be showcasing (as if it is really that exciting/important hehe) all of the my possible outfits by type and hoping you all can help me out  over the next couple days by voting which I should bring. I'm super excited and I hope you all will stop by and vote! After all, I have less than TWO WEEKS left--lol.

Tomorrow we start with outfits for formal nights! Yay! Formal nights = delicious food---woo hoo!


  1. oh my gosh, how exciting! I cannot wait to vote, what a fab idea.
    It's definitely so much easier to pack lightly in my opinion, all of that extra stuff just weighs you down. yay!!

  2. A European cruise! That's on my list of vacations I must take! Can't wait to see your ideas!

  3. Uh so jealous....I want a vacation so bad! Especially a European one! :)

  4. Thanks ladies--I'm excited to hear your input :-)

  5. I would love to swap lives with you and go on this European cruise. Can't wait to see what you will be wearing =)

  6. how exciting!! where are you going? Is that picture of Greece? Looks like it... I'd so love to go to Greece, cruise the Greek Isles.. ugh!

  7. How exciting for you! I will be so jealous the whole time you are gone and missing you. But I can't wait to see all the pictures when you geet back. I feel so happy for you to get away from it all!



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