Wednesday, June 23, 2010

European Fashions!

I'm back and glad to be back. I haven't even began to rifle through the pictures we took so I thought I'd start off my vacation blogging with the fashions I saw in Europe! While most of these fashions are in the U.S already, I felt they were everywhere I turned---way more prevalent than in my area at least.

Starting with my fave---floral full skirts:

This was most common in Rome. Full floral skirts were paired with fitted tanks and tees and flat sandals for the cutest, most adorable casual look. Once I arrived in Greece, I was on the hunt and found my skirt of choice at the H&M (I know, not so original, but I wasn't too keen on the boutique prices). It's a black floral print with hints of pink, white and yellow. It has a high waist and I must say I am in love! I think this may be something I can make to---skirt seem to be the most simple to sew (for me at least) Here is a poorly colored pic of the one I purchased--

Some options I think this is perfect for summertime.


Everywhere! On the crown, as a headband, french, to the side, half up braid, even more. I know the braid is big here but I had to mention it because it was so prevalent overseas. I know I did this blog post about braids but I may do another to show all of the different ways I saw. Let me know if you are interested...

Gladiator sandals---but even better:

I know some of you are cringing---gladiators, really Meredith, we have those--but let me tell you. I saw this style tons and I love them. I am and always have been a gladiator sandal fan so it's not really a surprise that I love this style also. I am planning to purchase some of these asap. There were a few pairs in Athens that I could have purchased but they were pretty pricey plus the exchange rate added more and I figured I'd find some for sure in the US (and I was right). Maybe these are everywhere in the US, I just have not seen too much where I am but I love them!!!
These are all by ZiGiny

These are both Report:

I know they are quirky and probably don't appeal to everyone but count me in!!

Keds (or the like):

Overall the 80's were in full swing in Europe---Ray Ban Wayfarers, Shirts tied in a side knot, side ponytails, and Keds! I was really surprise how many people were wearing Keds like shoes. I didn't necessarily see the Keds brand but I didn't know how else to explain these.

Well kids---I think that is all I have to add. I am going to start through pics from the trip and putting a blog together so hopefully pics soon. Today is my bday and since we have been living like rock stars for a bit and plus I seemed to have picked up a cold virus as a souvenir, the hubs is making me homemade potato soup for dinner. xoxo Mere


  1. I actually have a floral skirt that I wore the other day in the same way you mentioned and I also bought keds for the same reason...a summery shoe when I don't want to wear my sandals. But I just imagine that its because I grew up when all this was out in the 80s/90s.

  2. It's so weird, on another blog I just read about jelly shoes coming back into fashion and now Keds - I used to wear these when I was 7 as well and they always gave me blisters! I love floral skirts - esp that pink-peachy one from Fred F.

  3. I used to love Keds and i must say, i'm digging them again!!!

  4. I love your outfit. I am all about the floral skirt and fitted tank/tee trend this summer also.

    Great post!

  5. @Jennifer--Thanks for the comment---don't you just love the comfort of these skirts.

    @Cafe Bellini--I'm with you on the blisters from the jellies--eek.

    @Helena--The Keds are taking me a little bit of getting used to again. I think its all of the bulk I've been seeing with platforms, wedges, and booties---just different. I'm sure I'll come around ;-)

    @Kelsey--Thanks so much. Can't wait to see some pics of cute outfits as always ;-)

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Even though I am a day late...hope it was FABULOUS! LOVE this post, especially because I am going to Europe in September and this really helps me as far as what to pack! Looks like I need to go shopping... :) And yes a "braid" post would be SO helpful. I want to learn how to do the front side braid but it looks french? Does that make sense? When I try to do it I look dumb.... :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. @Kristina--Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy your upcoming trip, so exciting. I'll def do the braid blog. And I doubt you look dumb :-)

  8. It's so fun to see international trends! Oh how fun. They are pretty similar to what is going on in the states. Beautiful stuff.




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