Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day one-June 11.

11:48pm June 11 -- day one. We are over the Atlantic somewhere, well according to the map somewhere east of the island of St. John. I'm somewhat tired but not really tired enough to fall asleep in some contorted position. These overnight flights are really uncomfortable in coach but in all reality, who can really afford a vacation plus first class tickets. So I guess what I am saying is---what a great time to update you all on the minuscule happenings of today.

We flew from Florida to Detroit where we had a five hour layover which I must say went by rather quickly. We ate some Mexican food and I had a really yummy drink with mango, orange and vodka---very delish I def recommend. Then we watched some shows on the iPad using the awesome abc network app and then read some. I was so paranoid about being bored on these flights and layovers that I packed an insane amount of stuff to occupy my feeble mind. Here is what I currently have---because really, what else do I have to say lol.

Hardcopy I packed Nicholas Sparks The Last Song and the latest Marie Claire, InStyle, and Cosmo. Then on the iPad I downloaded three movies and three books (I finished Emily Giffin's Baby Proof and just started on the latest short story from Stephanie Meyer. I think it's titled something to do with Bree Tanner---so far so good). Ok back to my serious overpacking of things to do. Then as if I didn't have enough to do via the iPad or hardcopy, I downloaded the last four episodes of Gossip Girl, which I haven't finished yet, onto my iPhone. Needless to say, I am entertained. It's nice having the blogger app because I am writing this on the plane and I'll be able to post it whenever we get wi-fi. I love technology.

Ok last random babbling. So I was in the restroom on the plane just a bit ago and I was looking around and these places are crazy with the notifications and signage. Seriously, if you had any doubt about how to use the toilet or sink, or where the towels were, or even how to get out---just look around, signs and images are everywhere. Then I got to thinking---wouldn't it be great if life had signage such as this. Any time you were at a crossroad or simply needed confirmation that you were doing the right thing, all you had to do is look around and there, like a ray of hope, was your answer. It'd be interesting that's for sure.

I think I am going to go now and try to rest my eyes for a bit. We land a day before the actual cruise so we are doing a tour of the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peters upon arrival. I'm pretty excited but I imagine I am going to be exhausted. We are pretty much going from flight to hotel to Vatican immediately in order to catch the tour in time, which means that after the tour concludes, I will have been awake for 30 hours. Eek!

So lovelies I hope you won't forget me and I promise great pics upon arrival to the states. Stay beautiful!

xo Mere

- Posted on location. A day in the life of me!

Location:Somewhere over the Atlantic


  1. Have fun my love! I hope for relaxation and rest as you have DEF deserved it. I will be excited to see all of the pictures and hopefully some entertaining videos from T.

    Love you!!!!

  2. Enjoy your vacation, I cannot wait to see outfit pics and hear your recap!

  3. How exciting Mere! I can't wait until you come back with pictures and stories. (and work definitely isn't the same without you). And I am all in for the life signage...Please make that happen asap! Miss you!!



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