Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Outfit and an Etsy Purchase!

Can I just say that after 28 years of life and 13 years of working, one would think that I would be used to the idea and the act of work---so why my friends, do I fight it every single day! I just do not understand. Every night I enjoy my time with the husband, watching television or reading my books and it’s so pleasant that I avoid falling asleep because I know what is happening next—work!

So falling asleep around eleven, which used to be ten but now since I have the iPad, I lay there surfing or reading for at least an hour after hubs is out. Fast forward a couple hours to 6:30am---alarm is singing sweet nothings in my ear but I can’t get up. After all, who is excited for work and how can I leave my little puppy that is snuggled up to me so nicely. It’s so cozy and warm. Alarm again---after the snooze button gets some love another three to four times, I finally grumble into the shower.

This sequence of events has become the norm. I used to be up at the first alarm and getting ready before the hubs---now he is fully dressed enjoying his cup of joe before I even reluctantly pull myself from the beddie-bye. So when my dear friends will I be used to this idea of work. I am starting to think that it’s never going to come. I fear that for the next thirty to forty years I am going to be grumbling to the shower every morning.  Am I alone here?? Do any of you spring from the bed like a kid on Christmas?? If so, what’s your secret---please share!

Ok--Done with the Rant and on to the outfit----this is the skirt I got at Banana Republic this weekend for a steal! I love how it fits, it was so comfy! My only complaint is that the pockets flare a bit so I think I may sew them shut.

Skirt: Banana Republic
Top: Old Navy
Necklace: Charlotte Russe

This necklace was ordered from The Zen Muse---it's a lotus flower with a little plate that says Breathe. I really like this not only because of the way it looks but also because of what the lotus flower represents. The lotus flower starts as a small flower down at the bottom of a pond in the mud. It grows up to the top of the waters' surface continually moving towards the light. Once it come to the surface of the water the lotus flower begins to blossom and turn into a beautiful flower. Within Hinduism and Buddhism the lotus flower has become a symbol for awakening to the spiritual reality of life. In modern times, the lotus flower represents life in general. What great meaning to be reminded of every time I wear a necklace.

I was very impressed with the seller and their other products. Sometimes I feel there are so many great Etsy sellers that aren't heard of so if you have a favorite, please share!

Hump Day is practically here---can I get a Ya-hoo!! :-)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacay Pics ---- finally!

Friends, I am finally here to post pictures from our recent vacation. For those of you that don't know, my husband and I returned last week from a 10 day European vacation. We flew into Rome stayed for one night then boarded a Royal Caribbean ship for a 7 night cruise through the Mediterranean Sea. Our ports of call were Sicily, Ephesus (Turkey), Athens, and Crete (Greece), then back to Rome. We stayed another night in Rome then flew home. The vacation was a much needed one and I actually spent more time relaxing than site seeing, which was fine with me. I usually have the kind of vacations where you need a week to recover from the vacation when you arrive home so I made sure to take full advantage of the relaxing atmosphere on the cruise ship.

Everything was so awesome and relaxing, the only thing I think I will do different next time is do back to back cruises. The flights are so costly that I think doing two cruises would be more bang for your buck. There were tons of people on the cruise that had either been on the ship the week before (that went to a couple places in Spain and Italy) or they were touring more of Europe with a separate tour company. I was so tempted to stay on board, I was not at all ready to leave.

Without further ado, here are some pictures from my trip. You must know that we took over 900 pictures so it's really hard to pick some for the blog. Ahh choices!

When we landed in Rome, we went to a tour of the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St. Peters Basilica. The art and architecture was simply breathtaking---really impressive. There are not even words in seeing the Sistine Chapel, the level of detail and the painting are stunning.

pictures from the Vatican

Next up are some pics of the cruise ship. Living in Florida, we have the benefit of having easy access to cruises so this was our fifth cruise but our first room with a balcony. I really didn't think it would be worth it, boy was I wrong. I loved having the balcony. I actually sat on the balcony and read for like five hours one day. It was really so relaxing.

our room
us on the balcony (excuse the squint--I can't function w/o sunnies)
the Royal Promenade where all of the shops were and some bars


view of the island of Sicily

First Formal Night on the Cruise:

Dress: H&M
Hubs Shirt: Express
Makeup: Navy blue smokey eye, similar here
Ephesus, Turkey:
In Turkey, we did a tour of Ephesian ruins, the House of the Virgin Mary, and then ate an authentic Turkish lunch at a resort on the water. It was extremely hot but the tour was excellent, as was the food and the sites to see.

Athens, Greece:
The tour we did in Athens was an easy going tour that went to the Acropolis, the Olympic Center, then Plaka for some shopping. There was a nice range of shopping here with stores from high end to a flea market type. This is where I bought my skirt I posted last week.


Crete, Greece:
We didn't sign up for any tours at this port as we were only here for a few hours. We went into the city where there were some pretty architectural sites and some really good shopping. I was expecting more of a Greek Isles feel---like Santorini with the blue and white buildings. This wasn't at all like that and actually looked very similar to Athens. 

Cruise Pics:
These pics are from around the ship and our sailing at sea days.

heading back to Rome :-(

at the pool
ice carving demonstration on the pool deck--it was a bald eagle and he did it in 10 minutes!
a volcano we sailed by on the way back to Rome
our favorite bartenders, Lucas & Christian--we were suppose to be "GQ" in this photo but I couldn't stop laughing :-)
I surprised the hubs with champagne and rose petals on the last night
leaving the port and heading back to Rome

Rome Hotel:

looking up into the stairwell

view from our hotel window looking into Campo de Fiori

Back in Rome:
I started feeling off on the last night of the cruise and by the time we were back in Rome, I was full on sick with a head cold of sorts. Needless to say, the touring of Rome was a little icky for me but we got to see some of my fave spots in Rome at least.
Us at the Trevi Fountain,
fountain at the Piazza Navona,
Spanish Steps


Thanks for sticking through this post---I hope I picked some photos that showed the beauty of the countries we visited. I love seeing the old architecture and the beauty places abroad. Thanks for stopping by!!!

xo Mere

Weekend Purchases and Gifts!

This weekend I was a lucky girl--not only did I get the most awesome shoes, I also hit a fabulous sale at Banana and got great birthday gifts.However I am a little concerned that my family thinks I am an alcoholic lol.

Starting with some pretty cool gifts. My mom got me these wine glasses and carafe from Pier 1---they have a crackle pattern on the base.
My sister and her BF Nick got me these Mikasa martini glasses:
And  I have been wanting a wine chiller for a while so the hubs got me this Waring Pro wine chiller. It has a database and you select the type of wine and it chills the wine to the optimal drinking temp. I thought it was going to chill it a little quicker (a Riesling took 45 minutes) but it's still a really cool gadget.

I got some other really amazing gifts from friends and family and want to say thanks so much. I am so blessed that I have great people in my life!! Love you all!

Saturday I got a chance to hang out with those amazing people for dinner and we went to Stir Crazy, which is an Asian restaurant that has really yummy food and drinks. Before we ate, my bf Heather, my sister, and I hit Sephora and Banana Republic.

I ran into Sephora because I was out of powder and ended up getting just a few things. I have really been wanting to get a cheek stain so I picked up Tarte cheek stain in Natural Beauty. It's a subtle color but I really think it will be nice to have a blush that goes on pretty naturally---especially since I am new to cheek stains.

This is with the flash. It's straight out of the container on the top and blended on the bottom. It's a little hard to see---sorry.

I also got the eyeshadow brush here. These are newer brushes at Sephora. The sales associate was explaining how they are balanced so no matter where you hold it, you have complete control. I really like the feel of the handle and the shape of the brush. The face brushes were pink and the eyeshadows' were blue and purple. 

I also got the Benefit Hello Flawless powder which is my fave that I reviewed here and I also got my birthday gift. I haven't used it yet, hopefully it's awesome too!

On to Banana:
Every sale item this weekend at Banana was an extra 25% off and I got all sale items! (The links here aren't always the exact items or colors. The prices were different in store sometimes too)

High waisted pencil skirt reg $59.99 on sale for $24

This skirt was $59.99 also, same as above, on sale same as above but an additional 30% off since the zipper is broke so I ended up paying $17 for this. I don't think I am going to be able to fix this since zippers are my arch nemesis but I can't imagine it'd be too much to fix at a tailor.
This skirt was $59.50---paid $23. This skirt is a light fabric and I think I'll be able to wear it high waisted or pulled a little lower since it has an elastic waist. Also this can be dressed up or down. It came in a olive tan color and two floral prints also.

White tank with satin trim--reg $29.99 paid $11!! 
This shirt has a fluttered sleeve and was regularly $45--I paid a mere $23

This studded belt was regularly $50 paid $22.50. This is so adorable.

Here are some quick pics from that night with my girls!

Jeans: Express Barely Boot
Top: Express
Shoes: Banana
Me and my sis on the way there!

My bestie, my sis, and me at the end of the night

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. Anything exciting to report? Please share...


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