Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Casual Sunday Stroll...

Yesterday after having a birthday lunch for my brother...

(all grown up---he's taller than I am)

...hubs and I decided to go see if we could find any bathing suits for both of us and then go see Iron Man 2. We ventured to Coconut Pointe, which I love, to began the bathing suit journey. I ended up getting one at PacSun believe it or not---its a white suit with black plaid, pics later for sure. 

Here is what I wore for our casual and rainy day.

Dress: Express
Sandals: G by Guess
Necklace: Gift from bestie/Forever 21

I got a couple of these casual dresses last summer from Express and I have to tell you that these are amazing. I actually got mine on special for $10 each during a sale they are so comfy and casually cute. If you see these this year, I'd definitely go for it. These sandals are one of my most commonly worn faves also.

As for Iron Man 2, I have never seen the first one and I really enjoyed the movie. I think Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson looked amazing---I really like Scarlet with the dark hair. She is stunning in my opinion.  

Happy Monday! Let's get through this week asap!



  1. i love dresses like that where you can just throw on and be cute without thinking too much about the outfit. you look great!

  2. That dress is so cute. And ten bucks?! I definitely need to head over to Express this week now! :)

    I loved Iron Man 2 and agree Scarlett looks stunning with brown hair. If I were her, I would never go blonde again.

  3. Super cute dress... I found you via ITPITB... where you mentioned why must work always be so awful... and I thought ah-ha! I am not the only one... I decided I needed to read your blog... so here I am!

    Cute blog and I look forward to seeing more in the future!

  4. @Tiffany---I agree, makes getting ready so easy. Thanks!

    @Jennifer--Thanks! Hopefully they have them again this year. I agree---Scarlett should stay a brunette for sure.

    @Elle--Thanks so much and welcome. I hope you will stick around :-)

  5. Thanks for the comment and great advice about trying to motivate myself! I'll have to do an update once I actually get started to let you know what worked. Also, that's a great dress! Express is one of my favorite stores... I could buy everything in that place.

  6. What a great price for the dress! Lucky! And I LOVED Iron Man 2, but I haven't seen the first either! ha ha




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