Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Shopping and Movie...Outfit and Teeny Haul

Today I started the day with my mom having breakfast at First Watch. If there are any of these near you, you should really try it---it's yummy. My sister then joined us and we headed down to Coconut Point for a little shopping and a movie. Today is such a nice day. I live in a condo and our master bedroom has floor to ceiling glass doors and we do not have blinds (because no one can see in and the view is too beautiful to hide). This morning I woke up and rolled over to see the most blue sky ever. Not one cloud in the sky. Gorgeous day!

Here is my outfit of the day...

Shorts: Express (similar here which are currently buy one get one 50% off)
Top: Banana Republic
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: Anthro (I know it doesn't go perfectly with this outfit but I just wanted to wear it)
Makeup: This picture was taken after shopping so my lipstick had worn off. I decided to do my usual neutral eye but spiced up a little with some blue eyeliner on the bottom.

On to the important stuff---the shopping! I got some things at Sephora and Banana Republic (who would have guessed right). 

Sephora Haul:

I read a blog from Kandee the Makeup Artist about NARS Turkish Delight lip gloss. Its a pale pink shade and I think she said its worn often by some of the Kardashian sisters. I saw this color and loved it. It's so cute and pink. I can't wait to wear it. I really like NARS gloss, I have one other one and I think its smooth and not too sticky.

I also pick up some other needed items...

DiorShow Mascara. We don't really need to discuss this. You all know this is my Holy Grail of mascara.

I picked up this brush too for my face powder. The one I was using was a little too fluffy, better for my bronzer or blush. 

Then I just got some brush cleaner as mine as way overdue for a cleaning.

I then went to Banana because I have some Banana cash and a birthday coupon so I figured I would be able to score something. BR always has the cutest dresses but for some reason, they just don't fit me right. It's pretty aggravating. But today I tried on three dresses, and with each one, my mom's face said it all---just not great. She then handed me this little thing and said (and I quote) "Just try it on". So I skeptically took the dress and tried it on and much to my surprise--it's a winner! I really shouldn't be all that surprised, my mom is the one that picked out my wedding dress after all). I think this will be perfect for my upcoming cruise vacation!!!

All full priced items are 25% off and then I had a birthday coupon and $20 of Banana Cash so yay for me! I also got this shirt and I think it's cute and perfect for work or play.

After all of this merriment, we headed to the theater to see Letters to Juliet. It was such a feel good lovey chick-flick. Very cute movie. 

Tonight the hubs and I are having a mini fish fry with the fruits of his fishing trip today. I love fresh fish. 

Tomorrow I am planning to try making homemade croissants---the dough recipe doesn't seem overly impossible and it is on my bucket list so I am going to give it a go. I'm sure you will be hearing about my success or failure on that front. Happy Saturday all!!!



  1. very cool blue top. looks like some fun makeup too.

  2. Oh I want to see Letters to Juliet! I need a good chick flick right now. You look fantastic. Your eyes are so very blue and this outfit really compliments them. I hope the croissants turned out nice!




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