Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Outfit for a terrific Tuesday!

Yesterday my bestie/co worker and I took a stroll into Ann Taylor Loft on our lunch break yesterday and got some really cute stuff. They were having a sale--if you purchased a graphic T, you got 25% off your purchase.  Today's outfit is from that midday shopping adventure.

Cami: Banana Republic
Shoes: Banana Republic, seen here and here

On another note, I hit my mid-point goal weight so I rewarded myself with some bathing suits from Victoria's Secret. Every year I order from VS because they have the best selection. I ordered four bathing suits, knowing full well that I would have to return at least half, and a sun dress. I ordered this one in black, this one in blush, and this one. All but one bathing suit was delivered yesterday. I am still waiting on this one still and hopefully it fits perfectly when it arrives (fingers crossed). Bad news folks--none of the ones I received so far fit well. The tops were not at all supportive and were very ill-fitting and I think I need a bigger size on the bottoms. I think I am just going to return them all but I am bummed. I need to get at least one halter bathing suit and one bandeau suit before the cruise. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best place to get bathing suits??


  1. Yay! Congratulations on mid-point goal!That must be a great feeling. Love the outfit it's super cute.

  2. That is a really cute dress!

    I find suits in very random places. I don't like the fit of VS suits myself. I found a cute one in Bloomingdales, some expensive ones at Malia Mills (but they do run a sample sale in NYC so I pick them up that way too) and sometimes just from random surf-type shops in warmer locations.

  3. Cute stuff! I gave up on VS a loooong time ago, their fit is always so wonky. Too frustrating for me!

    Wish I could give a good rec, but I have mine custom-made now because I'm so 'busty,' lol

  4. I've had the WORST luck with bathing suits from VS, they've never helped to flatter my curves! I have a hard time with suits anyways because I'm big busted but I've found some great supportive ones at www.newport-news.com, check them out! Enjoy your cruise, we just returned from one in March, it was awesome!

  5. that belt and shoes are so cute!

  6. @ Heather and elledee---Thanks so much!

    @ Deconstruction---I should try some surf shops by the beach---great idea. I do live in FL after all.

    @Andi--I have never thought to have them custom made. That's so awesome. VS is wonky!

    @Tamara--Thanks for the rec. I'll have to try there. Thanks for the well wishes---I can't wait. Leaving a month from today!



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