Monday, May 10, 2010

Outfit for another Monday!

This morning starts my summer of working with my bestie so it should be a good week---the first of many. At our firm, if you do not have a Master's degree, you get the summer off to go to school. So since she and I both have our degrees, we work together at clients since both of the staff go to school for the summer (we are in the same position so we never usually work together). Yay!

Here is my outfit for the day and makeup, I did a gray look for my eyes---which is one of my go-to's if you have been following me long enough to notice :-)

Tank: Banana Republic. I got this tank in grey and white on sale for $12.99. It's totally awesome! I love the pleating detail on the front. I got this recently in store---I think it's no longer online but in store it may be there---so check it out for sure!
Skirt: Express, seen here, here and here
Shoes: Banana Republic, seen everywhere. These are def my most worn work shoes.

Last night dinner with my mom was awesome! I really enjoyed cooking for her and spending time just catching up.
Enjoying dinner on the balcony. It was a nice night to be sitting there at sunset.
Grandma and her granddog---he loves her!

One last funny thing, as I was folding laundry yesterday, my puppy kept trying to jump on the clothes--he loves sleeping on our clothes. I kept telling him no. I went to the room to get hangers and this was the sight I saw when I returned.
I did a double-take to confirm what I thought---yep he was trying to hide in between the piles. I cracked up. He is so funny! I love this little guy!

...being ever so tricky!

I hope you are having an awesome week so far! Did everyone enjoy their Mother's Day?

Anyone have any exciting plans for the week?! Do share so we can live vicariously through you-- ;-)

xo Mere


  1. It is just another regular work week for me -- except for a party on Thursday after work and a long weekend because I am taking a very hectic, two-city trip!

  2. Love this look, great top-what a find!

  3. Hello, I'm new here! I like your outfit - it's business-like but still soft with the frills and cardigan. Nice! Good luck.

    Hope you'll come and visit my blog sometime!

  4. This outfit looks so cute on you. And I love Fitzy. He is so cute. I'm glad you had a great mother's day with the family!!



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