Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Outfit black and ruffly...

This outfit is one of my BEST deals ever! Last week on my lunch time shopping adventure, I picked up this oh so cute dress for $15! I never find deals like this, ever, because I am so unwilling to dig through unorganized sales racks so imagine the excitement when I calmly grabbed this little gem off of the rack.

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft
Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Antonio Melani

The belt tie is removable so I think I have a lot of options with this dress for belts and cardigan mix and matches. Can't wait to try all different kinds of combinations. Hope your Monday was totally awesome!!



  1. I love IT! Especially without the cardigan, but seriously it looks great on you. What a find!

  2. Awesome find! Love that dress!

  3. That dress is darling... $15 what a great find... I love finding great deals to fill up my wardrobe... there's something about finding something wonderful on sale that makes it feel even more wonderful... and for me there's something that feels extra affordable about a great find that's under $20... at $25 I might hesitate to purchase, but under $20 and you know it's coming home with me! I don't know why... but there's a magic line at $20 :)

  4. Super cute dress! I love finding great deals like that :-)

    <33 Alex

  5. Geez louise, that dress is beautiful on you! Can't believe you found it for $15! SCORE!

  6. $15 for THAT, you've got to be kidding! You have no idea how green with envy I am, I LOVE it!

  7. Thanks everyone for the awesome comments. If I see anymore of these, I'll be sure to keep you posted! :-)

  8. You always find the best deals! Oh I am jealous. I love the pleat detail of this dress. You look gorge!


  9. LOVE the dress! And shut the front door!! 15?! What a steal!!



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