Friday, May 7, 2010

Makeup, Hair, and Happy Friday!!

After my last post about NARS blush/bronzer that I am recently loving, I thought I'd take some pictures this morning and try to show you how it looks on me, sorry if the lighting is poor. Also I thought I'd do a post of my hair today. I recently purchased Garnier Fructis Anti-Humidity Flexible Hairspray and I love it. So here we go...

The makeup look for today was quite simple. I wanted a simple eye but I decided to change it up and wear some liner (I'm usually a liner @ night kind of gal). After watching The City last night and seeing Whitney's adorable pink lips, I wanted to try a little more pink lip.

(this pic shows the Laguna and Orgasm combination a little better)
Eyeshadow: Jemma Kidd in Vanity Fair Crease
Stila Wheat on inner lid
Urban Decay Sellout for highlight
Urban Decay Zero liner
Lips: Stila Longwear Lipcolor in Flushed

When air drying my hair, I usually try to let it dry as long as I possibly can before I put any product in it. The wetter it is, my more frizz I get. I typically wait about 30-40 minutes before putting the spray in. I used to be a hardcore believer in Fredric Fekkai Coiff Spray but when I lost my luggage in Rome and I opted for a more affordable option, being that I was replacing my whole makeup bag at the time. I picked up Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves for about $4 and I must say, it works great. I was getting some frizz with this product so I still bought the Fekkai every now and again but I have been using the Wonder Waves solely for about a year now. This past weekend, I picked up this hairspray and now with the two, its a perfect match!
I get literally no frizz with this combination. I spray the Wonder Waves all over and scrunch as I spray. Then I just spray the hairspray all over and do a couple more scrunches. Here is what it looks like right after I use the products:

And a couple hours later:

I really hate using heat on my hair frequently and with my new love of running, I have been washing my hair almost everyday so air drying really is the best option for me. I hope these products will work for some of you.

What products do you use if you air dry? I am always looking to try something new?

Happy Friday--I hope everyone has an awesome day! !   x o


  1. So prety! Your make-up looks fantastic! Your hair air-dries so prettily!

  2. love your makeup! If my hair air dyed like THAT I'd do it more often!!

  3. I really like the Nars blush/bronzer combo. It looks really good. Your hair looks awesome as usual! I'd like to know how you got all those office pics in with no one noticing. :) Happy Friday!

  4. Your hair is beautiful! Don't you love when you find a great inexpensive product? I air-dry using CurlySexyHair curl creme and spray foam, but my hair's a bit curlier!

  5. The Laguna/Orgasm combo looks great on you! I think I've told you before though, you have beautiful skin.

    Your hair is also great! I am so impressed with how well it air dries. Unfortunately, when my hair air dries I look like a street person. It is all over the place! I don't heat style it all the time though. I wash every other day and will blow dry/straighten my hair maybe 2-3 times per week. On other days, I'll wear 2nd day straightened hair or let it air dry and put it back in a messy bun with a braid or twist or something sometimes.

  6. No frizz? Oh man I must try that. You look beautiful.


  7. Thanks everyone for the nice comments!! Thanks for reading!!

  8. Hi! I like your make-up as well, especially the blush/bronzer - looks really good on you!



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