Monday, May 24, 2010

Loving: The iPad!

This post is going to be devoted solely to the iPad. I have had this little gem for almost a month and I have to say, in the beginning I wasn't fully taking advantage but after yesterday---it is a definite---this thing is awesome. 

Yesterday I had a typical lazy Sunday (which I love!). Started out the day with hubs at our favorite local coffee shop, I'm not a coffee fan but hubs is and also they makes the BEST stratas---yesterday's strata of the day was Potato and Bacon---yum. We headed home and cleaned up a bit then I settled into my favorite recliner, deemed my throne by hubs, and started reading on the iPad. We have an app, Zinio where you can download magazine subscriptions and for $8.00 total, I subscribed to a year of Marie Claire. I cozied on the couch with Fitzgerald at my side and read the magazine-cover to cover.
Reason # 1 I love this: Magazine subscriptions super cheap and immediately available for download.

About noon-time, I decided to embark on the croissant making adventure. I get the iPad, pull up the recipe I was using from and planted the pad into a stand and had a modern day cookbook stand.(see it on the right in the picture)

This first attempt, well--it was exactly that--an attempt. Right from the start, this dough was dry, I scrapped it and pouted to hubs about how I followed the recipe to a "T" so I don't understand how it was an epic FAIL. Luckily the pad was close by, hubs and I googled different recipes and tips and decided to give it another go. After a quick gym session and a jaunt to the store for more ingredients, to the kitchen we went.

Second attempt was MUCH better! The dough was moist and I was able to roll it out just like the recipe and random YouTubers suggested. For those not aware, making homemade croissants is about a 14-hour adventure taking the dough out rolling and folding every hour for four to five hours, letting rest for eight to eighteen hours and then rolling into the cute little shapes we love. Mine is waiting for me to get home from work right now to roll out. That being said, having the iPad at the counter, demonstrations and explanations for the rolling process were so easily accessible.

Reason # 2 I love it: Cookbooks Stand and Recipe Database larger than any granny could ever fathom.

While waiting for the dough to rise, I surfed and some blogs I follow on the iPad, hitting up Facebook too while I was on the wave.
Reason # 3: Internet---need I say more.

After a little surfing action, laid out on the couch, opened the Kindle app selected "The Carrie Diaries" and began reading---this book is pretty cute. I like the way Carrie (younger Carrie, this is her as a teenager) has the same characteristics as she did in the series and the movie.

Reason # 4: Books available with just a touch of a screen.

After more hubby time, cooking of dinner, and hanging out for a bit, I jumped into the shower and then into bed, snuggled up with the iPad once again--however this time to catch up on some TV. The iPad has an ABC Network app that allows you to watch episodes of any ABC series. I laid in bed watching the last four episodes of Private Practice---which I must say OMG--so sad!!

Reason # 5: TV---I love me some TV any time, any day!

Some other randoms about the iPad:

  • There is a drawing app, Harmonious, that makes my finger paintings look like the Mona Lisa
  • I can listen to music from iTunes or Pandora
  • YouTube---awesome!
  • If needed you can download the Productivity app and have Word, Excel, and other programs you may use.

I think that's it -- as you can see, in one simple day, the iPad had so many uses. I originally didn't think I use it this much but I do and I love it! If any of you are on the fence--I say go for it--it's great.

Have any of your purchased one? What is your take on it?

xo Mere


  1. Thank you so much for this post! I've been considering getting one and you may have just talked me into it.

    It's basically like have a second computer in the house, right? Plus I could put it in my purse and go?

    Ps-I too, LOVE strata :)

  2. Hey Andi. It is like a second computer only better. There are so many apps and programs that make it awesome. I need to get a case for mine so I can have the face covered in my purse. My only complaint is that it has a glare when I try to read at the pool. Highly recommend.

  3. how do you find typing on it? i can't imagine the typing...

  4. Verokina. The typing is definitely doable. I have an iPhone and i think it's easier than that due to the size. I haven't written anything huge yet but for emails, quick blogging, and the Internet I think its fine. It does take some getting used to though.

  5. Speaking of typing. Sorry i spelled your name wrong. Kind of ironic hehe. :-/

  6. We're huge Apple fans and I adore my iPhone so we'll definitely get the iPad! Reading magazines on it sounds fab - I like to keep my magazines so I should go digital, thanks for the tip! ps I can't believe you made croissants. I've tried it once before and I swore never to do it again because it was so hard, so time-consuming...

  7. Cafe Bellini--the croissants actually came out good--I have a post to do today for them--thanks for reading! xo

  8. I want one SO bad... but I can't justify a reason to get one because I have the iPhone. I'm DYING to find some problem in my life that only the iPad will solve. Then I will try to convince husband that I need one. hah... wish me luck...

  9. Abri--Sending luck your way. My hubs and I both have the iPhone and this is so much more convenient to use. I really wanted a Kindle which is the same price as the iPad so this was an easy choice for us considering that. Hopefully hubs will have a change of heart soon. :-)



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