Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Casual Outfit and LashBlast Comparison...

The other day during a trip to Target, I came across some Cover Girl Lash Blast and after hearing some bloggers rave, I thought I'd give it a try. I have been using DiorShow Blackout mascara since 2007 and I love it but I thought if I had the opportunity for a more affordable option, why not give it a try!

This morning is the first time I tried it and while the end result isn't bad, it's not as good as Dior either. I am not a huge fan of the brush and the way it goes on. I felt there were no bristles on the brush.  I thought it was more clumping than the Dior and I had to use a eyelash separating brush to separate the lashes.

Here is the end result---
Cover Girl Lash Blast: (from today)
DiorShow: (from this previous blog)
I think the Dior is better for me and I think it looks better overall---what do you think??

On to the outfit, I am in the office today with no plans of leaving for any clients so I am dressed pretty casual. This skirt is really comfy and of course, these are one of my fave shoes. 

Skirt: Express, seen here
Top: Express Scoop neck T
Shoes: Banana Republic, seen here

Tonight is the Biggest Loser and I must say, I love this show. It's getting close to the finale and I love seeing all of the changes in the contestants. It's a tear jerker for me every week. I'm rooting for Ashley!

There isn't that much going on now, which is a nice change of pace for me. I have had time to grocery shop, go to the gym, and cook dinner. I actually wanted to share this recipe for Mexican Stuffed Shells. This is a delicious recipe---its a nice twist on Italian stuffed shells. I substituted the beans for ground chicken to make it more substantial of a recipe. It made about 20 shells when I made it. Let me know if any of you like this.

Happy Tuesday all---it's halfway over!


  1. Love those shoes! Thanks for that recipe link, I am always looking to try something new.

  2. OH MY GOSH! I want those shoes! They are fabulous! And I agree, Dior is better for you. I have the Cover Girl Lash Blast right now and it's not my favorite either. I am in search for a new mascara.


  3. from what I can tell the diorshow does look better but its also set against a darker eyeshadow so we can see it more!



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