Monday, May 31, 2010

Successful Sewing Adventure--Floral Sheath Dress

Readers, I am here to tell you that I made my first dress. It took me about two or three weeks from start to finish because I have been a little consumed with the outdoors (i.e. pool and boating) but I finished it yesterday! Yay!

I think I mentioned the fabric in an earlier post but I love the print, I think its different from things I normally wear. The hubs wasn't sure about it at first but I think he has finally come around.

Here is the pattern--

And here is the finished project...

(props to the hubs for the pic)
pleating detail

I think this will be very versatile. I am already picturing it with my gray Anthro weave belt and my BR Cage sandals for a more casual look---or a black cardigan and peep toe pumps for work. We will see. Hopefully I'll wear it this week to show you in an outfit post. Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend Girly Afternoon Outfit...

This Saturday I had an awesome girly day with my bestie. We started the afternoon at Forever 21. I don't have one close by so we went about 45 minutes away for our day of shopping and a movie. I have only been shopping here a couple of times and now I know why. Even if there was something there I had to have, I don't think I'd ever find it. It was pure chaos. I was looking for jewelry for my upcoming vacation and I found some pieces but not much.

We then went to a couple other stores and Anthropologie. I didn't get much but I had a great time nonetheless. We then went to the theater to see Sex and the City 2! This theater had a bar, full restaurant and leather cushions chairs. It was awesome---from the theater to the movie, I really like everything. I think the next time I have to see a "boring guy movie" with the hubs, we should go here----I could totally sleep in there. The movie was cute and I thought there were a lot of good parts. Overall the day was great!

Here is what I wore:

(the shorts are tiered)

Top: Ann Taylor Loft
Shorts: JCrew
Shoes: Steve Madden
Makeup: I did a taupe color in the crease, Kitten on the lid and Urban Decay Sellout as a highlight. Lips: Maybelline lipstick in Born with it with NARS Turkish Delight over it.

I have a lot of blogs coming up this week---I'm going to needing you help so make sure you come by and help a blogger out. Have a great Memorial Day!!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Randoms for a Thursday Lunch Hour...

Let me start off this blog by having one big sigh! This week has totally drained me. I have felt like I am fighting work and everything around it. I think it's time for me to just accept the economy and the way it is and stop fighting. I live in Southwest Florida--where the economy is in horrible shape and therefore all of our clients are in horrible shape also--causing more work and additional issues that keep arising. So overall I just need to say :::sigh:::

I didn't really have anything to blog about so I thought I would share with you all of the things I have seen that I would love to have.

First I think this little owl necklace is adorable and yours for such a great price!

This Ann Taylor Loft dress looks perfect for the summer--can be dressed down with sandals or dressed up with heels. Seems like a perfect dress to pack for vacations.

This necklace was on the front page of Anthro for a while and I have to say the name, Strawberry Lemonade,  fits it perfectly. I think this would look great with a white tank.

Love this dress from Banana.

I already have fabulous nude wedges but if I were in the market, these Nine West would be my pick for sure. Love the ankle strap--think these are fab too?

These are so adorable and come in a plethora of colors.

Love this too. I am really becoming a fan of color block.

This is such a random collection of things but cute (at least to me) none the less :-)

I hope everyone has an awesome Thursday and I cannot wait for this week to be over! Yay for 3-day weekend!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Outfit and Some Randoms...

Ah Tuesday---I'm not really sure what it is but I am in a pretty foul mood today. I don't know if it's the totally outrageous dreams I was having or if it's having to deal with people at work but overall my sentiment for the day is ick!

Moving on from ickiness this to bigger and better things---croissants! They worked! I made homemade croissants that were delish and didn't burn or deflate. I used this recipe for the dough and then this one for the butter croissants and this one for the chocolate croissants. The recipes said the dough yielded much more than I was able to get but maybe because mine were huge?! LOL Hubs didn't seem to mind. (Note: If you use this recipe, start with only 3 cups of flour, adding more if needed. Mine were really dry the first time I tried it with the full flour amounts). Another item off of my bucket list---funny all of the items crossed off are food related---hehe.

Here is my croissant journey in pictures:

If you look closely, you can see all of the butter and layers in the raw, rolled pictures. I am usually not one to eat so "buttery" but these were really good. I didn't get a picture of the chocolate but they were tasty too. I'm so excited. I think this recipe will be perfect for a yummy weekend breakfast. They are time consuming but so worth it--yay!

This was my outfit for yesterday. I got this top at Banana this weekend and its cute and comfy--love it!

Pants: Ann Taylor
Top: Banana Republic
Shoes: Banana Republic
Makeup: I did a gray, green crease with a shimmery mint in the inner corner. 
Lips: This is the NARS Turkish Delight that I purchased this weekend. I really like how light it is. I think it's a nice neutral pink.

While at Sephora, I got a sample of Sephora's Brand Mascara in Atomic Volume. I gave it a try on Sunday (when I had no other eye makeup on). The mascara wand has very distinct bristles and it actually felt like I was brushing out my lashes. It gave me a really separated lash look---just for the heck of it---here is a pic:

I hope everyone has an awesome Tuesday. Just writing this to all you fabulous readers has improved my mood---now if only time would fly by...

xo Mere

Monday, May 24, 2010

Loving: The iPad!

This post is going to be devoted solely to the iPad. I have had this little gem for almost a month and I have to say, in the beginning I wasn't fully taking advantage but after yesterday---it is a definite---this thing is awesome. 

Yesterday I had a typical lazy Sunday (which I love!). Started out the day with hubs at our favorite local coffee shop, I'm not a coffee fan but hubs is and also they makes the BEST stratas---yesterday's strata of the day was Potato and Bacon---yum. We headed home and cleaned up a bit then I settled into my favorite recliner, deemed my throne by hubs, and started reading on the iPad. We have an app, Zinio where you can download magazine subscriptions and for $8.00 total, I subscribed to a year of Marie Claire. I cozied on the couch with Fitzgerald at my side and read the magazine-cover to cover.
Reason # 1 I love this: Magazine subscriptions super cheap and immediately available for download.

About noon-time, I decided to embark on the croissant making adventure. I get the iPad, pull up the recipe I was using from and planted the pad into a stand and had a modern day cookbook stand.(see it on the right in the picture)

This first attempt, well--it was exactly that--an attempt. Right from the start, this dough was dry, I scrapped it and pouted to hubs about how I followed the recipe to a "T" so I don't understand how it was an epic FAIL. Luckily the pad was close by, hubs and I googled different recipes and tips and decided to give it another go. After a quick gym session and a jaunt to the store for more ingredients, to the kitchen we went.

Second attempt was MUCH better! The dough was moist and I was able to roll it out just like the recipe and random YouTubers suggested. For those not aware, making homemade croissants is about a 14-hour adventure taking the dough out rolling and folding every hour for four to five hours, letting rest for eight to eighteen hours and then rolling into the cute little shapes we love. Mine is waiting for me to get home from work right now to roll out. That being said, having the iPad at the counter, demonstrations and explanations for the rolling process were so easily accessible.

Reason # 2 I love it: Cookbooks Stand and Recipe Database larger than any granny could ever fathom.

While waiting for the dough to rise, I surfed and some blogs I follow on the iPad, hitting up Facebook too while I was on the wave.
Reason # 3: Internet---need I say more.

After a little surfing action, laid out on the couch, opened the Kindle app selected "The Carrie Diaries" and began reading---this book is pretty cute. I like the way Carrie (younger Carrie, this is her as a teenager) has the same characteristics as she did in the series and the movie.

Reason # 4: Books available with just a touch of a screen.

After more hubby time, cooking of dinner, and hanging out for a bit, I jumped into the shower and then into bed, snuggled up with the iPad once again--however this time to catch up on some TV. The iPad has an ABC Network app that allows you to watch episodes of any ABC series. I laid in bed watching the last four episodes of Private Practice---which I must say OMG--so sad!!

Reason # 5: TV---I love me some TV any time, any day!

Some other randoms about the iPad:

  • There is a drawing app, Harmonious, that makes my finger paintings look like the Mona Lisa
  • I can listen to music from iTunes or Pandora
  • YouTube---awesome!
  • If needed you can download the Productivity app and have Word, Excel, and other programs you may use.

I think that's it -- as you can see, in one simple day, the iPad had so many uses. I originally didn't think I use it this much but I do and I love it! If any of you are on the fence--I say go for it--it's great.

Have any of your purchased one? What is your take on it?

xo Mere

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Shopping and Movie...Outfit and Teeny Haul

Today I started the day with my mom having breakfast at First Watch. If there are any of these near you, you should really try it---it's yummy. My sister then joined us and we headed down to Coconut Point for a little shopping and a movie. Today is such a nice day. I live in a condo and our master bedroom has floor to ceiling glass doors and we do not have blinds (because no one can see in and the view is too beautiful to hide). This morning I woke up and rolled over to see the most blue sky ever. Not one cloud in the sky. Gorgeous day!

Here is my outfit of the day...

Shorts: Express (similar here which are currently buy one get one 50% off)
Top: Banana Republic
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: Anthro (I know it doesn't go perfectly with this outfit but I just wanted to wear it)
Makeup: This picture was taken after shopping so my lipstick had worn off. I decided to do my usual neutral eye but spiced up a little with some blue eyeliner on the bottom.

On to the important stuff---the shopping! I got some things at Sephora and Banana Republic (who would have guessed right). 

Sephora Haul:

I read a blog from Kandee the Makeup Artist about NARS Turkish Delight lip gloss. Its a pale pink shade and I think she said its worn often by some of the Kardashian sisters. I saw this color and loved it. It's so cute and pink. I can't wait to wear it. I really like NARS gloss, I have one other one and I think its smooth and not too sticky.

I also pick up some other needed items...

DiorShow Mascara. We don't really need to discuss this. You all know this is my Holy Grail of mascara.

I picked up this brush too for my face powder. The one I was using was a little too fluffy, better for my bronzer or blush. 

Then I just got some brush cleaner as mine as way overdue for a cleaning.

I then went to Banana because I have some Banana cash and a birthday coupon so I figured I would be able to score something. BR always has the cutest dresses but for some reason, they just don't fit me right. It's pretty aggravating. But today I tried on three dresses, and with each one, my mom's face said it all---just not great. She then handed me this little thing and said (and I quote) "Just try it on". So I skeptically took the dress and tried it on and much to my surprise--it's a winner! I really shouldn't be all that surprised, my mom is the one that picked out my wedding dress after all). I think this will be perfect for my upcoming cruise vacation!!!

All full priced items are 25% off and then I had a birthday coupon and $20 of Banana Cash so yay for me! I also got this shirt and I think it's cute and perfect for work or play.

After all of this merriment, we headed to the theater to see Letters to Juliet. It was such a feel good lovey chick-flick. Very cute movie. 

Tonight the hubs and I are having a mini fish fry with the fruits of his fishing trip today. I love fresh fish. 

Tomorrow I am planning to try making homemade croissants---the dough recipe doesn't seem overly impossible and it is on my bucket list so I am going to give it a go. I'm sure you will be hearing about my success or failure on that front. Happy Saturday all!!!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Outfit and Purple Peepers...

Today is Friday! I am so excited. I have about three weeks until my cruise vacation and I cannot wait! I didn't get a chance to post my outfit yesterday so here are some quick pics. I have posted this outfit before but yesterday I wore it with a jacket because this building is freezing!!

Skirt: Banana Republic
Top: Express
Jacket: Banana Republic
Shoes: JS by Jessica Simpson
Headband: Banana Republic
Earrings: Banana Republic
(wow--a lot of Banana)

Today I decided to do a light sweep of lilac eyeshadow over my lid, I used the purple from the Smashbox Wish Palette. These colors are not very pigmented so it's perfect for just a little pop of color. You can see a week of me using this palette here.

On a side note, I am running really low on mascara so I thought I would try a sample of BADGal Lash from Benefit that I got in a kit a while ago. This mascara, while not at all volumizing, did a good job lengthening in my opinion. Being that I absolutely love DiorShow Blackout, that alone shows I am a huge fan of fat lashes so using only the BADGal Lash wasn't enough. I thought I would give the Cover Girl Lash Blast another shot, thinking maybe using the Benefit first would help and I have to say, I was right. Putting the Cover Girl over the Benefit BADGal was a perfect combination. While I think this is perfect for me in the interim until I can get to Sephora for some more Dior, I don't think this is really a cost saving mascara as a full tube of the Benefit is about $20 at Sephora. Overall though, I am happy with the eyelashes today---better than clumpy lashes from using end of the bottle mascara.

On a side note, did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last night?? That was the most stressful two hours caused by a television show ever. Ten minutes in, I was already holding my breath and overall freaking out. It was a really good episode---can't wait for the next season!

Anyone have any exciting weekend plans?

I am planning to go to Sephora tomorrow and to the movies with my sister. We are going to see 'Letters to Juliet', I think it looks like the perfect girly sister kind of movie.

I am still working on my dress so I may try to finish that up this weekend. I will definitely post if I finish. Happy Friday!!! Hope your day is awesome and flies by...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Outfit for the hump!

Happy Wednesday!

I'm super pumped about the hump---it signifies the middle and being half way there for a few days of freedom. I am totally exhausted today because last night at 9:45, I decided to watch just a "few minutes" of Biggest Loser. Well to say the least, I finally made it to bed at like 11:00! Eeks! (Spoiler alert if you haven't watch it yet--skip to the next paragraph) I am so glad Ashley was the top loser--I love her. I think she is so sweet and deserves to win. She just seems like an awesome person! I'm hoping for her to bring in the big win! ::fingers crossed::

Last night I also started my latest sewing adventure. I am making a simple sleeveless dress with a pleating detail. I love love love the fabric for this. I am praying this works out because the fabric is so pretty. It's a white with like a little bit of black, gray, hot pink, and orange. Sounds totally strange, I know, but it is beyond awesome!

And on to the outfit---

Jacket: Express
Top: Banana Republic, seen here in gray
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft
Wedges: Banana Republic

Makeup: eyes all from the Smashbox Wish Palette. Light gray over the lid, a dash of the dark gray in the crease. I lined the top and bottom with the navy cream liner and set the liner with a purple bit of shadow.
Lips: Stila Long Wear Lipstick in Flushed.

Have a great day guys! See you tomorrow! 



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