Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunshine and Summertime...

As I sit here tonight I have great news---we just planned our summer vacation! Yay! We have decided to do a Mediterranean Cruise! I cannot wait. We are still working out the kinks but we purchased the cruise tonight. In planning for this, I cannot help but imagine all of the wonderful clothes that goes with summer vacations. Here are some totally awesome and wonderfully summery picks---

These shorts just draw me in--love them.

Beach Cover Ups:
I am in love with this but not in love with the price.
Perfect for any beach day

Beach Totes:
I have this bag and I love how much it holds for the beach!

Do any of you have any awesome vacations planned? Please share...

Let me know of any great summer finds you think I may be interested in---always open for suggestions :-)


  1. Mexico, and we are also trying to fit in a Vegas vacation!

    Cute dress pics!

  2. Love those anthro dresses!
    I'm going to France in a few weeks (whoooo!!!) and hope to have a great wardrobe, but not super tropical.

  3. @Deconstruction--I have been to mexico twice and love it. How exciting.

    @Adventures--I absolutely love France (Paris mainly) & would be going there if hubs wasnt wanting something new. Enjoy and with your skills, a fab wardrobe won't be that hard.

  4. I am going to Greece in June. I am so excited. I need to start shopping soon too!

  5. @Andi--our cruise goes to Athens are Crete so I am super excited and it's in June too.

  6. Love that Ann taylor dress and the VS cover-up! My best friend took a Med. cruise last year and loved it. Now her parents are going this year, you'll love it! Dang now I want to go.... :) Have a great day!

  7. Love all of your va-cay picks, everything is so pretty!
    And a huge HELLYEAH for your cruise! How amazing will that be!! Awesome, can't wait to see pics!

  8. @Kristina--Thanks that makes me even more excited to hear your friend had fun.

    @Andi--I will def take tons of pics (of the places and outfits hehe)!!



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