Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sewing: Tulip Skirt

Project Runway Pattern No. 2413

I began this project last night and to be honest, it was pretty easy...well that is at least what I was thinking as I went to bed last night with the skirt 80% done. Maybe that thinking was a little optimistic and I was getting ahead of myself. 

This morning the hubs and I ran to Jo-Ann's to pick up a zipper and I was on my way. There were some parts I sewed yesterday that I wasn't quite happy with so I thought I should redo those parts in order to for the skirt to be as well-made as I can make it. To say the least, it took me about 5 hours today to finish the other 20%. I am new to sewing, as you know, and therefore those darn zippers trip me up every time--I sewed the zipper three times! The 20% prob would have taken someone with experience 1-2 hours but I can't be bitter---these are all learning experiences for me right?! Plus it's really fun!

Here is the finished skirt:

I picked a fabric from Jo-Ann's that is part of their spring Riviera line. I wanted to do a pattern but I was so skeptical with all of the patterns there. It's hard to visualize certain patterns into a garment so I opted for a solid for now. I am planning to venture into the patterns for the next project. This color is a deep blue-violet color, it photographed a little more blue than actual. This pattern comes with an optional band at the bottom of the skirt. I scored the last of this fabric and there wasn't enough for the band so I went without. I think it's cute either way. With the additional band of fabric, I may have been able to make it more work appropriate but now I have a fab night out skirt to wear with the hubs. 

Overall I am pleased with this. Keep your eyes open for upcoming pictures of this in an outfit post. Let me know what you think??


  1. OMG that IS just like the skirt I have by BCBG and Target! wow! it's so pretty, i cant believe you made it, that's awesome :)

  2. That is absolutely adorable! Great job. Looks like your hard work paid off =)


  3. Oh my gosh--looks AMAZING MEre!! I am seriously impressed--wow!!! Love the dress form too, how handy is that?

  4. GORGEOUS!! One very big problem- I couldn't find the order form on your blog :) love it so much!!

  5. You did such an excellent job on that skirt!

  6. That turned out wonderfully! Go you!! Can't wait to see it pop up in an OOTD post.

  7. @ Veronika--Thanks so much. Great minds think alike right!

    @Kim--Thanks so much! The little bit of aggravation is worth is for sure.

    @Andi--The dress form is awesome and def worth it. Thanks so much!!!

    @Heather--you are too funny. Orders can be place here!! Promise! Thanks!

    @Deconstruction--Thanks so much!

    @Jacki--Thanks a lot. I can't wait to wear it so hopefully it will be coming soon. :-)

  8. That is awesome! I am really impressed.

  9. @Andi--Thanks so much!!

  10. Oh, very cute! I will have to pick up that pattern next time they're on sale!

  11. Thanks Adventures---I love when the patterns are on sale. I got this one for $1 @ Jo-Ann's!



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