Thursday, April 15, 2010

Outfit: Old Faithful...

I have to start this post off by saying there are just some things that never go out of style and a few that come to mind are--being in love, confidence, the little black dress, and the wrap dress. Thanks to Diane Von Furstenberg, the wrap dress is here to stay. This dress is universally flattering and such an easy option when getting ready. I must say my outfit of the day post for today is an oldie but goodie. I bought this dress in 2003 and I have worn it over and over for a multitude of occasions. (Oh and it's a jersey type material that NEVER wrinkles, that's another plus)

My college graduation:
May 2006

My husband's graduation:
December 2006

I think recreating this dress this might be one of my projects for the summer. I really want to this dress in other colors and patterns. We will hope for the best.

Outfit for today:

Dress: New York and Co
Shoes: Nine West
Cami: Target

(I did these in the car so excuse the icky pics)

I am at a more casual client but I have paired this dress with a white or black blazer for our more professional clients and that works great too. I am actually regretting not grabbing a cami as this place is freezing!!

I hope everyone has a great day---it is almost over! Thursday is here!

What are some items you own that never go out of style for you?


  1. Great dress! It looks fantastic on you. I really like the pattern and am now inspired to add a wrap dress to my own wardrobe. Your makeup looks really pretty too!

    My wardrobe staples are jeans and sweaters so I can't really contribute much, although I have a black pencil skirt with kick pleats from Banana that I've had for years. It is very versatile and basic, but the pleats make it interesting.

  2. I love nyco. Love love love. And that dress is fantastic!! Every time I read your blog you make me want to go shopping... lol...

  3. I agree, the wrap dress never goes out of style. I also think that the shirtdress never goes out of style! I always have in my closet some pencil skirts, tweed skirts, cashmere sweaters and cardigans -- no matter how rushed I am, I can pull together a decent outfit!

  4. @Jacki--Thank you! There are definitely times I wish a jeans/Tshirt wardrobe would fly. So much more comfy and def easier.

    @Abri--Thanks so much! NY&Co is hit or miss for me, sometimes wonderful and sometimes I can't find anything. I def must say this is the best thing I have ever got from there.

    @Deconstruction--Thanks. I actually don't own any shirt dresses, all of the ones I have tried on have not been a success but I am def in the market for one. They are awesome too.

  5. What a great dress! I have a few pieces too that have really gone the distance over the years--they're definitely my wardrobe all-stars. Your shoes are FAB (you have great shoes :)

  6. @Andi--Thanks so much--you are so sweet. My husband things my shoe collection is obsession, I just think it's a work in progress :-)



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