Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Outfit of the day...

First off I just want to say I love my shoes today. I haven't really worn them that much and I know I blogged when I purchased them but I really really love them. Today I was running late so my hair had to be air dried and since I won't be seeing any clients, it really doesn't matter. I had to walk the dog this morning, which isn't in my normal routine plus had to make my lunch and pack my gym bag...all of these things sound absolutely feasible, right?! Well not when you sleep in for 30 minutes.Yikes!! I was so exhausted last night that I was in bed by 10 and I still managed to over sleep----oh well. You win some you lose some...

So on to the outfit---

Top: Banana Republic
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Banana Republic
Setting: Disgusting work bathroom---sorry!
Ah my lovelies...
Makeup: Just a natural eye with a slight pink lip...
Hair: Out of control and crazy...it's still in the drying process lol!

I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday and I really really hope this day goes by fast, not because I am excited about tomorrow---because I am most def not. I have to start driving over an hour for work for the next two weeks---bleh!

Anyways happy Tuesday and ta ta for now...


  1. Wow, love the outfit! So pretty! Those shoes are AMAZING! I may go get some myself today, LOL :)
    Make-up looks fab as usual.

  2. i love those shoes!


  3. Thanks Andi and Jade---and the shoes are comfortable too---a def + .

  4. pretty eyes! well, the eyes, and the makeup. I love those shoes! super cute!

  5. I may just have to get myself those shoes! Love the outfit too. Thanks for following me!

  6. wow cute outfit

    it is so cute like you


  7. MsHark, Iva, The Pretty Pauper, and knk---Thank you all so much! I appreciate all of your comments! Thanks for reading!!



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