Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Outfit: Go Green...

In honor or tomorrow being Earth Day I thought I would do a green look. For some this look may be too dramatic, or too much, especially for daytime but since I am off today (YAY!) I thought it couldn't hurt.

For the makeup, I only used my 120 palette for the eyeshadows. I used DiorShow  Blackout mascasa, Impertinent Nude lipstick by Sephora and a MAC LipGlass that is so worn, I couldn't see the title. It's a light coral with flecks of gold. (Sorry I couldn't be of more help.) Hope you like it.

I used the # 1circled for the crease, # 2 for the middle lid, # 3 for the inner corner and # 4 for the highlight under the brow. When I use shimmery shadows on the lid, I like to use a more matte shadow for the highlight. 

In keeping with the green theme, I threw this outfit together for some romping around. Since I am not working, I think I am going to run to Jo-Ann's and get a zipper and some fabric to hopefully (successfully) make something--maybe grab some lunch. I know some people do not like matching eye shadows with outfits but I don't think this is too matchy matchy and since I am with me, myself and I today---I'm rockin' it like there's no tomorrow.

Top: Target Liberty of London
Short: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Guess

So off I go to run some errands. I hope everyone gets over the hump A-OK!



  1. really pretty look! I've been thinking about getting that palette, I love all the bright colors!

  2. Cute! I love how you do your eyes... makes me want to spend more time on my makeup! Have a good day off!!

  3. Very pretty look, I love green :)
    So funny, we have so many of the same things LOL!

  4. @Tiffany--Thanks. I really like this palette. I don't use it all that often because it's very very pigmented but I do love it.

    @Abri--thank you. I really love doing my makeup, feels like art class sometimes. Lol.

    @Andi--when I picked this top up I did remember it on somepnes blog and a little part of me assumed it was you, you have awesome taste. Thanks so much!!

  5. this is really cute. it's very light but nice.

    i am now your new follower. follow me too?

  6. @Carrie--Thanks so much! I'm heading over that way now :-)

  7. you have such beautiful skin! i love your eye looks, too :)



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