Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Outfit for the hump and some Easter goodies I made...

Happy Hump Day my friends. This morning I had the wonderful opportunity to jump out of bed an hour earlier and drive to a city that I really don't like to work on a client that is a disorganized hot mess...can you sense my sarcasm.

Anywho---on to the outfit. Today isn't anything phenomenal but I really like this cardi (by the way, I spelled phenomenal on the first try--Google chrome didn't even have to fix it for me. Go me!).

Tank: Banana Republic (looks gray but it is a taupe color)
Skirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: JS by Jessica Simpson

Makeup: Normal makeup with a peachy shimmer for the inner lid and a brown/grey color for the outer crease.

Moving on, I would just like to say that I have been eating healthy and working out for 3 weeks now. This is unheard of for me. I have never stuck with ANYTHING---food or exercise for this long. I am really proud of myself. I am really loving running also. I never thought I would be able to run but thanks to my peep H, I really like it. Now only if we can find some more time to run the bridge together right! ;-)

Last and kind of least I have to show you the funniest/saddest little cakes ever. For Easter, I thought I would bang out this cupcake recipe from Martha Stewart--boy was I wrong. This recipe calls for cupcakes to be iced upside down and decorated like little chicks. Which isn't all that hard but the fact that you have nothing to hold on to while you ice is annoying. Needless to say, out of 24 cupcakes, I make four chickies. You win some, you lose some. Either way, the few I did make came out adorable. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend…mine was busy and it was nice to see my family.

Happy Wednesday everyone---the week is officially half way done!


  1. pretty! the texture of the skirt looks really pretty on here for some reason!

  2. Those little chickies are so cute--great job on them :)

    Love your outfit, fab color palette.

  3. @MsHark--Thanks! I really like BR suits. I think they are great quality.

    @Andi--Thanks I just wish they weren't such a pain so I could have made more. lol



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