Saturday, April 24, 2010

Outfit and Blog Award

Yay!! I just received a blog award from the lovely Kimberlee at Live and Love Beauty. Thanks so much to Kimberlee and all my fab readers should head over there to check out her wonderful blog.

Thanks again!!

Tonight we went to a wedding of one of my husband's childhood friend. It was a beautiful beach wedding in Longboat Key, FL. I have never been to that area, it is so beautiful. If you have the opportunity to visit there, take it. It's a cute little beach town. Outfit was:
Dress: Express
Shoes: Steve Madden. I have had these for 2-3 years and they are almost totally worn out---I love them and want them to last another season--fingers crossed!!
Some pics on the beach...
Private residence of the bride's family friend, where the wedding was held...

It was a perfect day for a beach wedding---absolutely wonderful. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend thus far...xoxo


  1. Cute dress!!! I'm the same way with my shoes, I wear them until they fall apart. I have a pair of black heels that I pray will last just a few more months... haha

  2. So pretty, you look so skinny in these pics-lucky you :) lol. Love that dress and the sandals are great too.

  3. Cute dress! I have the same dress but it's dark blue with white flowers. :) You wore it well, so pretty! Love the braid!

  4. @Abri--Thanks! I wish your shoes last forever too--;-)

    @Andi--Thanks so much. Funny you say that because when I was taking the front on pics, I thought I looked wide lol--you make me feel so good. Thanks!

    @Kristina--Thanks so much! This dress is so comfy!

  5. Beautiful setting for a wedding! And I love your side braid. Was it Lauren Conrad inspired? :)



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