Monday, April 5, 2010

Makeup Tutorial--Sun Kissed! & Outfit...

(taken on a cruise in 2008)
Being the beginning of April, I am officially in Spring/Summer mode. I love it! I'm definitely a Florida Girl at Heart and this is when the weather and I are in sync!!

In my daydreaming about the pool and relaxation I was thinking of a look that would epitomize those thoughts and this is what I came up with. I hope you like it! I think this look could easily be vamped up, I wore it to work today so I thought best if I didn't go over the top.

First I started with my typical "face":
Maybelline Dream Liquid Foundation
Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer
Benefit Boi-ing concealer
Benefit Hellow Flawless in Petal

For cheeks, this look needs a peachy/gold blush in order to give that sun-kissed vixen look so I used Benefit's Coralista on the apples of my cheeks lightly. Then I blended Stila's Rose Gold on cheekbones up to the temples. If I were a little tanner (read: not so pale) I would use a bronzer instead of the rose gold. 

For eyes! (my fave) I am using this palette that I got in probably 2007 or 2008 from Stila.
 This palette has been one of my fave's for summertime---even the packaging screams beach time! I took this copper color, Ray, and added this color to the outer third of the eye. This color is soft and has a lot of fallout so I usually pat it on at first and then blend once the majority is out of the brush. Next use this lighter gold color, Prize, and pat onto the middle third, blending lightly with the copper. Next take a shimmery beige color, I am using Sun, using a slightly smaller brush pat shadow onto the inner corner blending with the gold. Bring the shadow down into the tear ducts to make eyes look more open. 

If I wasn't going to work, I would line eyes using a black liner. A liquid liner would look really good with this and that liner is become a popular trend right now. I personally am not that great at liquid liner so I am forgoing this option but for going out, I'd do some kind of liner.

Lastly don't forget the best part of this look. Using the turquoise color in the palette, Mystic, and a small brush, line the lower lashes tight to the lashes. This makes eyes pop--I love it. Again, I would go really dramatic with this normally so if you try this, go all out. 
Finish with black mascara and for me, the more the better. Eyes are done.

To top off this look, pick a lipstick that is a nude or beige color with a hint of pink. I am using Sephora's in Impertinent Nude 24. Top off with a lip gloss with some gold in it and BAM---you are sun-kissed! Rock this look with a white sundress, gold sandals, and turquoise jewelry. I can picture it now! Cannot wait!!!

What are some looks that you all are looking forward to wearing for Spring/Summer? I put Spring and Summer into one category because us Florida folks really only have two seasons. I hope you try this when your area get warm enough.

Here are some pics from our vacation last year to Little Cayman--can you tell I am daydreaming about sand, sun, and beaches big time!

Here is my outfit for the day go with my sunny make-up.

Skirt: Banana Republic
Top: Express
Shoes: JS by Jessica 
Necklace: a small boutique in town.

Have a great week!!!!


  1. Cute outfit and your makeup looks fantastic!!! A totally beautiful natural look. Those vacation pics are making me twitchy in my cubicle, gotta tell you.

  2. Ooh, love those shadow colors! So pretty and natural. Gorgeous look!

  3. Thanks Jacki--I too am dying for a vacation. I really need to get away.

    Thanks so much Taylor and Andi!!



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